Just six months until release and we finally have our first look at that movie people were mostly talking about because we hadn’t got our first look at it yet. The long-awaited teaser trailer for Chronicle director Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is here, and I’m struggling to care about it:

Practically on its hands and knees, begging for us to take it seriously the teaser opens with deeeeeep, gloooooooomy piano music and voice-over warning of us of all the seriousness this movie is going to have. It’s really boring, generic tentpole stuff for the most part complete with serious, melancholic glances, vast cityscapes and locations to explore that are later blown up or welcomed by giant laser portals, which for some reason are becoming increasingly popular(?).

Eagerly ditching the fun, family-centered spirit of the original comic (which long-time fans have quickly expressed agitation about) and instead replacing it with tones and themes far more suited to the sci-fi/horror genre is really the only thing keeping me on board with it. The superhero film that is incredibly popular as of late has truly proven itself to be far more than a one-genre pony. See: the politically-infused spy thriller Captain America 2, the gritty, realistic Dark Knight, or the whimsical space adventure Guardians Of The Galaxy, and I –for one – am very intrigued about a scientists-turned-superheros narrative done through the creepy, Cronenberg-ian lens Trank and Kinberg are clearly going for.

Will it make for a great Fantastic Four film? Probably not. We’ll have to see. Will it make for a great genre film? Maybe. We’ll have to see.

That’s the most this trailer makes me feel. I mean, props to Trank and company for giving us a trailer that doesn’t spoil any of the plot elements and relies solely on its tone and deeply-seeded themes, but the rest of this trailer doesn’t convince me that they intend to follow through on either of those. It looks fine in terms of cinematography and I like the cast, but there’s no real personality/sense of who or why I should care separating this from the other generic end-of-the-world stuff we get every year.

But maybe that’s just too much to expect out of a teaser trailer. What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Does this look like the film of 2015?