Josh’s video essay breaks down how Gareth Edwards’ disaster movie is far more intelligent and well-executed than it’s given credit for.

Summer 2014 kicked off with a huge bang – or ROAR – with Gareth Edwards’ wonderfully thoughtful, immensely satisfying Godzilla. For some reason though, there seems to be some common stigmas surrounding the film, stopping many from appreciating it for the thematically rich blockbuster it is, that deconstructs and embraces its genre and old-school spectacle.

So in order to delve into the film properly and explore its central themes/ideas, I’ve put together a video essay where we can discuss the film on the deeper level it was meant to be discussed on:

What do you guys think? Is Edwards’ Godzilla the intellectual, blockbuster masterpiece I make it out to be, or is it just a bunch of meaningless fluff?