Fine, Ryan Murphy, I’m in.

Today FOX released the full-trailer for their upcoming highly (and cautiously) anticipated Ryan Murphy creation, Scream Queens:

Arriving on the twentieth anniversary of a sorority pledge gone wrong, a killer is on the loose at Wallace University. Scream Queens is the follow up to Ryan Murphy’s recently departed FOX show, Glee, and looks to be a mash-up with his other current project, FX’s very successful American Horror Story series.

Every year when a new Ryan Murphy project or iteration of American Horror Story is announced, I scream into the night that this will finally be the one that’ll be good. And every time I am proven wrong. He has these amazing ideas and gathers incredible actors to form such muddled projects that are always disappointing.

Based solely on the trailer, Scream Queens looks to be the perfect mix of the intended campiness and fun of Glee (when it got it right, it got it really right) and the horror that is missing from American Horror Story. My issue with both of those products is that they lack focus; Glee was historically all over the place and American Horror Story’s latest season was neither fun nor campy and in turn, was dull. Scream Queens looks to give fans what we have wanted from Murphy for so long: full on, unapologetic camp.

From the dialogue, to the casting choices (literal scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis alongside Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin, Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas) to Lea Michele in that neck brace – it looks ridiculous and knows it. Maybe Ryan Murphy will finally deliver on his great ideas.

Scream Queens premieres this fall.