Trading Fantastic for Familiar.

This trailer’s release comes riding the coattails– or more appropriately, red capes– of Comic-Con, no doubt Fox’s way of capitalizing on last week’s hype for all things hero. We’ll most likely also see this trailer attached alongside Marvel’s Antman when it debuts Friday.

This trailer’s aim seems set at clearing up the more mysterious elements of the previous trailers and providing some sort of context for the team as a whole. In an attempt to really try to sell you on this reboot and it’s stylistic and narrative differences from the last Fantastic Four outing, Fox sacrifices much of the plot and even several shots of what looks to be the film’s climactic battle. From what we do see it’s becoming clear that there’s a unified look to these Fox films, one that evokes a different feeling from it’s counterparts.

While it’s not uncommon for super-hero films to float in a sea of marketing, this trailer feels like it’s trying extra hard to bypass the scrutiny that’s steadily built up in the wake of the last few months. Specifically the rumors of Trank’s odd behavior on set, his absence — and later removal from a Star Wars spin-off, and most recently, the cancellation of the film’s 3D conversion.

There’s no way of knowing if any of this news is indicative of the film’s quality, only time will tell if we’re ready to see comic’s first family on the big screen again.

In the meantime what do you guys think of this last trailer? Are you as weirded out by this incarnation of Dr. Doom as I am? Please keep us posted in the comments below.

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