It’s okay, I hate myself for that pun too.

Let me be the millionth person to say it, but Spectre looks incredible. The newest trailer for the latest installment of the Bond franchise has everything fans could ask for: action scenes out the wazoo, a shadowy organization pulling the strings behind Bond’s failures, Christoph Waltz finally playing the role he was born to play, and an age-appropriate Bond girl! You can watch it right here:

As you can see, it looks like for James Bond, this time it’s personal; in the upcoming movie, he looks to tackle a villain from his past that is at the head of a clandestine group that claims to be behind many of Bond’s shortcomings, or as Christoph Waltz so eloquently puts it, “the author of all your pain.” The speculation seems to be that maybe this film will explore James Bond’s past, ruining fan theories all across the globe just as the ending of Skyfall did.

Waltz isn’t the only exciting addition to the cast though; this latest installment features Dave Bautista (who looks to join the ranks of other WWE stars turned movie stars), Andrew Scott, Lea Seydoux, and of course Monica Bellucci. With such a star-studded cast leading the way between the Bond-styled action scenes we’ve always loved, it’s hard to think that this film will be anything but stellar.

Sam Mendes seems to be pulling out all the stops for his last Bond film, but what do you guys think about this latest trailer?

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