“Don’t ever think the world owes you anything….because it doesn’t.”

I was admittedly lukewarm on American Hustle but none the less David O. Russell’s ongoing directorial evolution still made it an engaging watch, one that left me with an eagerness for what would come next.  That ends today, as we’re getting our first look at his latest film Joy, a passion project and the perfect vehicle for his good luck charm Jennifer Lawrence– who seems to be back in fine form.

Once again we’re in period piece territory, this time trading the long con for a miracle mop. Joy tells the true story (albeit with what looks to be some creative license, naturally) of the titular Joy Mangano (played by Lawrence), a struggling single mother of three turned household appliance inventor and eventual millionaire.

The film’s visuals instantly stand out aesthetically, giving rise to an almost aged look, appropriately entrenched in the era it depicts. Though not all seems joyous here as we get a glimpse of a matriarch on the rise, caught between dreams and the crushing, less colorful reality.

We also get peeks at Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro’s roles, along with what looks to be a terrific cast, supporting actors and all.

Joy is positioned as a holiday release, out on Christmas and just in time to sneak another Oscar nomination for J-Law under the tree.

I’m excited by what I see here. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Michael P. Medlen

    A great trailer. I’m not sure if the tone and aesthetic presented will match the subject matter (this trailer reminds me more of a gangster film than a biopic) but I’ll wait to see the film before making a judgement. Either way, I’ll see this in theaters.