Watch Ryan Reynolds kill a bunch of dudes and say memes and stuff.

After the huge amounts of buzz leaving Comic-Con it was only a matter of time before Fox gave us our first good look at the upcoming X-Men spin-off film, Deadpool, which, by all intents and purposes, is an apology letter to comic fans who were left incredibly disappointed by the screen iteration of the character seen briefly in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – we know this because the character self-reflexively says it in some of the marketing. So if you find that kind of cynical self-awareness funny dig into the first full-length trailer here:

I don’t know. Maybe I don’t “get” Deadpool, I guess, but it’s clear – despite find Ryan Reynolds endlessly likeable – that I just don’t find the vulgar quips and self-appointed “post-modern” awareness as funny or interesting as many of you guys do, and there’s not much more shown here than that so I’m struggling to get on board. I just can’t help but feel there’s an aura of faux-edgy cheapness that overwhelms every moment/joke in this trailer – even the few bits that feel well-intentioned and (barely) charming I could see becoming absolutely grating after 2 hours. Who knows, though, maybe the film addresses this?

But if this is exactly what he is from the comics – just a vomit-machine of nothingness – and this is what people want then go nuts.