Just in time for the holidays Bunny the Killer Thing has hit the streets across Canada in all its collectible glory in a hand-numbered, limited edition release of 1000 units!

This wildly un-PC horror-comedy follows the amorous adventures of a six foot tall sex-crazed rabbit who finds plenty of sexual conquests at a cabin in the woods inhabited by a group of Finns and some unsuspecting tourists. The young people, out to have a fun-filled winter weekend, instead find themselves involved in a game of life and death when the weird creature brandishing an incredibly long penis attacks anything that looks like a vagina. Created when a science project goes terribly wrong, Bunny will stop at nothing in search of a warm place to park his monster appendage. A hilarious spoof of splatter and camp films, Bunny the Killer Thing is unapologetically offensive, as well as hilarious weird and wonderful.

The flick is banned from iTunes, so for those interested in checking it out, you can grab one the limited edition combos at:

www.amazon.ca  or https://raven-banner.myshopify.com/


A rich, spicy cinematic meat stew of sex, shocks, laughs and gore!!!

Greg Klymkiw, The Film Corner

  • Limited X-Rated Pussy Edition
  • Blu-ray/DVD/CD combo
  • Only 1000 made. Hand numbered
  • Includes 5 collectible postcards
  • In English and Finnish with English subtitles