According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros is in the early stages of development to reboot this innovating and iconic 1999 sci-fi thriller.

Zak Penn, scribe to The Avengers, X-Men: The Final Battle and screenwriter to The Incredible Hulk is in talks to write the treatment and rumour has it that Michael B. Jordan might be stepping on Neo’s shoes. Lana and Lilly Wachowski, who wrote and directed the first film as well as its two sequels, are not yet on board; although Joel Silver who produced the original trilogy, is reported to have approached the studio with the idea of mining the film for a new project, but is not confirmed either. Silver and the Wachowski sisters (known as ‘the Wachowski brothers’) supposedly have a tense relationship, so it’s likely that the studio would have to choose one or the other to work with.

Are you excited for this reboot?