35mm Film Screenings: 2023 All Night ZOMBIE-THON at Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre

35mm Film Screenings: Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre and Retro Picture Show will present the 2023 All Night ZOMBIE-THON on Saturday, August 26, starting at 8 p.m. The special event will feature vintage 35mm film prints of classic zombie movies, including a 30th Anniversary screening of “Army of Darkness” and a 35th Anniversary screening of “Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.” Tickets include admission, free giveaways, a chance to win killer raffle prizes, and more.

The full line-up for the night consists of:

“Army of Darkness” (1993): U.S. | 81 mins | Dir. Sam Raimi | 35mm. Featuring Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash, battling demonic forces in England’s Dark Ages.

“Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood” (1988): U.S. | 88 mins | Dir. John Carl Buechler | 35mm. The story of Tina Shepherd, a telekinetic teenager, facing off against the unchained ax-wielding maniac, Jason.

“Re-Animator” (1985): U.S. | 84 mins | Dir. Stuart Gordon | 35mm. It is a thrilling tale of Herbert West’s experiment with re-animation, leading to uncontrollable and violent zombies.

“Night of the Living Dead” (1990): U.S. | 92 mins | Dir. Tom Savini | 35mm. Seven strangers trapped by relentless cannibalistic zombies awakened by a radioactive space probe.

35mm Film Screenings 2023 All Night ZOMBIE-THON at Huntington's Cinema Arts Centre

“The Gates of Hell” (1980): Italy | 93 mins | Dir. Lucio Fulci | 35mm. An ancient legend comes to life as the powers of evil unleash the horrors of Hell on Earth.

This all-night event celebrates classic zombie films and offers fans a unique viewing experience. The vintage 35mm film prints add to the authenticity of the event, allowing attendees to enjoy these iconic films as they were originally presented.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What are 35mm screenings?

The 35mm film format is widely used in cinemas. It measures 35mm in width and has four perforations on each side to move through camera and projector systems. The film is composed of a base and emulsion, which is the layer containing the photographic materials.

Is it worth seeing a film in 35mm?

35mm film excels in color retention and is gentle on the eyes, making it the optimal choice for preservation. The art of showcasing a 35mm film is truly remarkable and I sincerely hope it never fades away in the era of digital media.

Do any theaters still use film?

Movie theaters have mostly ditched the old-fashioned film format in favor of digital projectors since the early 2000s. The industry now relies on digital projectors as the global standard for showing movies. With advancements in movie projection technology, older methods like film are gradually fading into obsolescence.

Is it worth seeing Oppenheimer in 35mm?

The 35mm adaptation maintains the caliber of the 70mm edition, albeit with a distinct aspect ratio. The digital IMAX rendition is showcased in 4K laser with the print formulated from 8K scans of the movie. These adaptations will be the most convenient choices, as the majority of theaters lack the capability to showcase 70mm films.

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