Dave Portnoy Controversial Pizza Review: Inside the Heated Dragon Pizza Showdown

Dave Portnoy Controversial Pizza Review: When Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy visited Dragon Pizza in Somerville, Massachusetts, his pizza review became heated. The pizzeria’s owner, Charlie Redd, and Portnoy argued. Both parties expressed displeasure with each other. Redd threatened to contact the police if Portnoy stood in front of his store. The social media celebrity rated it “The Worst Pizza Place in America,” scoring it 6.4 out of 10.

Portnoy, notorious for his harsh evaluations, disliked Dragon Pizza’s pizza. Calling it a “floppy mess,” he questioned the overwhelming Parmesan flavor. “This is an acquired taste. If you get this, know you’re going to get hit with a left-right in the face with Parmesan,” he said, adding that he personally doesn’t like Parmesan.

Portnoy was confronted by Redd immediately after his review began. Dave remarked, “Dave, enjoy your pizza as any customer, but I don’t appreciate what you do, coming in and judging a business with one bite,” before returning inside. He returned minutes later and urged Portnoy to leave his firm. Portnoy said, “Let me be clear – f–k you,” Redd said, “Let me be clear, get the f–k out in front of my business.” The argument escalated.

Portnoy explained he was on a public street, not in front of Redd’s company. “What are you going to tattle me on—for being on a public street?” Portnoy asked. Redd said, “For being an f–king b–ch,” and “Just go f–k yourself and the whole f–king platform you’re on.” It finished with Redd snapping a selfie with Portnoy, showing his middle finger, and saying, “This is me posting you, telling you to f–k off.”

Dave Portnoy Controversial Pizza Review

While the event has garnered attention on social media, it has also highlighted worries about how influencers and reviewers affect small businesses, especially as many struggle to recover from the pandemic’s economic effects. Portnoy’s Barstool Sports “Barstool Fund” gathered $41 million to help shutdown-affected small businesses, complicating the conflict. The encounter was “kind of new terrain” for Redd, who said he was receiving death threats and other attacks after the altercation. “But I don’t want to blame him for my problems. Managing our pizza shop makes everyone happy, “he stated.

The event shows how business owners and reviewers can clash, especially on social media, where reviews can go viral and hurt a brand. Both parties have followers and critics, so the online argument about who was right continues. This may have long-term effects on Dragon Pizza’s business or Portnoy’s review reputation.

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