Karolina Geits: The Unconventional Quest for Love Through Cardboard Proclamation

Karolina Geits, a 29-year-old New York City resident known for making waves, just made social media history. How did she use it? A handmade cardboard sign that openly states, “Looking for a husband.”

This unexpected journey into unorthodox romance began as a pal prank. It poked fun at dating apps, which Geits felt required too much online chatter. “My friends and I talked about how dating apps don’t work because it takes so long to talk,” she said. I said I’d go outside with a placard as a joke.”

She did it. Her marriage statement was written on cardboard, possibly from an Amazon package. “Looking for a husband” was boldly scrawled in black marker to announce her search.

The following was a great show. TikTok saw her brave attempt and gave her 10 million views and 1.2 million thumbs up a few days after its debut on September 3.

People ranged from confusion to enthusiastic support as she went through the city that never sleeps. Geits was startled by the number of individuals who supported him, showing how unpredictable humans are. “I didn’t expect this response,” she remarked. People stood up for me.”

Because of her fame, potential suitors lined up to see her. She received dating profiles from online fans but was picky because she was still looking for the ideal partner.

This was Geits’s second time performing in NYC. Her nearly 57,000 TikTok followers had previously experienced similar thrills. Each had her usual cardboard placards saying “Need money for Cartier” and “Need money for Chanel.”

TikTok’s virtual court ruled: praise and encouragement. People enjoyed her fresh take on the love search. One replied, “You know, this might work, LOL,” and another said, “I think I found my next adventure.”

One TikToker joked, “So you’re telling me to run to Hobby Lobby and get some markers and a poster board LOL.”

Online support encourages Karolina Geits as she continues her path. As she bravely takes this unorthodox path, you wonder when she’ll say, “I’ve found the one.”

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