Kevin Costner Child Support Case: Monthly Payments to Estranged Wife Christine Decided

Kevin Costner Child Support Case: Actor Kevin Costner, 68, of “Yellowstone,” must pay his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner $63,209 a month in child support. After a two-day Santa Barbara court hearing, this ruling considerably reduced the anticipated monthly payment of $129,755. Christine Baumgartner, 49, requested $175,057 but later decreased her request to $161,592 after a forensic accountant’s examination.

They have three children: Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13. Kevin Costner voiced concern in court that the ordered amount exceeded his children’s requirements and could be utilized for Christine’s lifestyle. “My biggest concern is that the court orders me to pay child support above the needs of my children and Christine,” Costner testified.

Christine Baumgartner’s attorney, John Rydell, said the children’s lifestyle is “in their DNA at this point.” Christine noted their closeness to the seaside and their surf garage’s 50-step distance from the water while discussing how a financial downturn would affect their children. She called their Santa Barbara compound, which has a volleyball court, garden, infinity pool, and two guest cottages, a “community” they established.

This hearing and child support payments are part of their divorce. After 18 years of marriage, Christine divorced Oscar-winner Costner in May 2021. A Costner spokeswoman said the actor is divorcing due to “circumstances beyond his control.”

Kevin Costner Child Support Case

Christine left the family’s $145 million Santa Barbara compound in July per their prenuptial agreement. She lived in a smaller house before moving to a $40,000-per-month rental home. The court hearing verified this. A source told PEOPLE in July that Christine is attempting to make the children’s lives normal during this difficult time. Due to Costner’s fame and riches, the couple’s romance and divorce have garnered public attention. The actor, a Hollywood stalwart for decades, has plenty of assets, complicating their divorce.

Despite legal battles and public attention, both parties seem committed to their children’s well-being. As court sessions continue, the focus is on assessing how much financial support the children need to maintain their lifestyle. The court will likely negotiate the ultimate deal, balancing the children’s interests with both parents’ financial commitments.

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