Litmus Music Blockbuster Acquisition: Katy Perry’s Musical Legacy Finds New Home

Litmus Music Blockbuster Acquisition: A massive purchase by music rights management provider Litmus Music made headlines on Monday. The famous company revealed it had acquired Katy Perry‘s five Capitol Records studio recordings.

The Carlyle conglomerate-backed private-equity behemoth acquired Perry’s music holdings. A significant financial move. This staggering $225 million agreement includes Perry’s master recordings and complex publication rights for essential albums from 2008 until 2020. These albums have hits including “One of the Boys,” “Teenage Dream,” “PRISM,” “Witness,” and “Smile.”

Just a year ago, Litmus Music revolutionized music choices. It did this thanks to Carlyle’s Global Credit Platform’s $500 million investment. Their most significant achievement in their first year was buying Keith Urban’s master recording rights, which laid the way for their Perry’s library deal.

Katy Perry’s wise decision to sell her catalog for this fortune is part of a more extensive music trend. Justin Bieber and other celebrities made similar arrangements in 2023. Hipgnosis Songs Capital sold Bieber’s vast music library for $200 million.

Dan McCarroll, Litmus Music co-founder and former Capitol Records master, was excited by this historic cooperation, saying, “Katy Perry is a creative genius who has shaped music, TV, film, and philanthropy. I’m excited to collaborate with her again and help Litmus preserve her excellent work.”

Litmus’ legendary co-founder and CEO Hank Forsyth agreed, saying Perry’s songs are part of the world’s culture. He was thrilled to see an artist with unequaled honesty and skill, and he mentioned how she had assisted in many ways.

Litmus Music Blockbuster Acquisition

Carlyle managing director Matt Settle stressed the importance of the initiative. This proves the team is the finest at negotiating with top music business talent. Katy’s biggest hits have influenced people’s minds, actions, and finances.

“I Kissed A Girl,” Katy Perry’s 2008 chart-topper, launched her musical career. “Teenage Dream,” her 2010 album, was a hit. Five songs topped the charts. Perry has completed the “Billboard” Hot 100 nine times, demonstrating her music’s longevity.

After a long and successful career, the pop prodigy is slowing down to focus on a Las Vegas residency and her growing family with Orlando Bloom.

This chapter in music history is over. Litmus Music now safeguards Katy Perry’s music, demonstrating how the art business evolves.

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