Selena Gomez Reaction to Olivia Rodrigo VMA Performance: A Subtle Statement

Selena Gomez Reaction to Olivia Rodrigo: Selena Gomez’s response to Olivia Rodrigo’s performance of “Vampire” at the 2023 MTV VMAs was a subtle sign that she didn’t like it. Selena, the 31-year-old star of “Only Murders in the Building,” sang with her ear covered on Tuesday, September 12.

Olivia, who is 20 years old, sang a long, loud note that sounded like a scream. For 15 seconds, Selena had to cover her left ear—the most essential part of what happened. Someone shared a video of the event on Twitter, and now X. When Selena saw the camera, her hand moved away. The artist of “Back to You” looked tense as she walked toward the stage.

As fans reacted, some thought the incident happened during Olivia’s song change, which was marked by a red curtain falling and a stagehand running to get the singer offstage. This show wasn’t a stage accident; it was planned. This makes it hard to believe the first excuses.

The conversation on the Internet made sense. One person said, “You purposely pulled these two women after you broke the stage. No, when Olivia sang.” “During the fake stage malfunction,” said someone else. Stop posting stupid things.”

But different points of view won out, and other people spoke about them. A digital critic said, “Please, she’s bored out of her mind,” while another said, “She must have heard what I heard.” A commenter made fun of Selena by saying she was covering her ears because Olivia was singing loudly.

Selena Gomez Reaction to Olivia Rodrigo

Selena Gomez went to the VMAs for the first time since 2015 and did well. People thought that her style always put her on lists of the best-dressed people. She looked beautiful in a red Oscar de la Renta dress with flowers sewn on. The flowers on her blouse went with the fringed skirt and low-cut neckline she wore. Selena’s straight, long hair went down her back, drawing attention to her beautiful dress. The left leg of the dress had a high slit. She was wearing big diamond drop earrings, rings, and a choker.

Olivia Rodrigo ended rumors that Selena’s close friend Taylor Swift was fighting that day at the VMAs. “I’m not against anyone,” Olivia said in Rolling Stone. I’m not wrong. Not many words.” She said, “I only talk to my mother and four friends.”I can’t say anything.” With this comment, all the rumors that she was friends with influential people were restated.

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