Metallica Robert Trujillo: A Childhood in the Shadows of Manson’s Darkness

Metallica Robert Trujillo: In a recent podcast interview, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo shared a chilling childhood memory of being caught in the midst of a Manson family crime scene. Recalling the incident on “Time to Relax with The Offspring” podcast, Trujillo revealed the harrowing experience of hiding from a shootout.

Trujillo described the Manson family’s failed plan to rob a gun store and hijack a plane to demand Charlie Manson’s release. When police arrived, a shootout ensued. Trujillo and his family hid in their home, listening to gunshots and police helicopters overhead. His father sternly warned them to stay put, fearing the danger outside.

During the chaos, Trujillo’s family narrowly escaped a potential hostage situation. A Manson family member hid in their carport, but luckily, a laundry room separated their unit, preventing the intruder from entering their home.

The day after the incident, Trujillo and his cousins comically searched for bullets, a stark contrast to the terrifying events they had witnessed. Growing up in the Venice Beach area, Trujillo revealed that cult activity was sadly commonplace during his childhood.

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This bone-chilling encounter serves as a reminder of the dark and dangerous reality that existed in their neighborhood. Despite this scary memory, Trujillo and his Metallica bandmates continue their global tour, bringing their music to audiences around the world.

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