Nathan Fielder Hilarious Prank: Emma Stone Joins Forces for Side-Splitting Rom-Com Parody

Nathan Fielder Hilarious Prank: Nathan Fielder, known for his deadpan pranks, joined forces with Emma Stone for a hilarious parody of Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s introductory clip for the romantic comedy “Anyone But You.” The shot-for-shot recreation, complete with Stone in a blonde wig, mimicked the original clip down to the smallest details.

Powell responded with humor, leading Fielder to deepen the prank by accusing Sony of stealing the idea and involving Will Gluck, the director of “Anyone But You,” in the fun. Gluck added a fake poster for his film, making it resemble “The Curse,” creating a humorous back-and-forth.

Fielder’s fans enjoyed the joke, creating side-by-side comparisons. In a notes page statement, Fielder claimed Sony copied the promo idea for “Anyone But You” from “The Curse,” emphasizing they shot their promo over six months ago. He expressed concern that Sony’s marketing team might have seen their promo and copied it.

Nathan Fielder Hilarious Prank (2)

Fielder humorously brought in the struggle against AI for artists and maintained support for Powell, Sweeney, and Stone. Gluck added his contribution to the joke war with a humorous fake poster. Despite the prank, both Fielder’s “The Curse” and “Anyone But You” are anticipated by audiences.

“The Curse” is currently available on Paramount+ and Hulu with Showtime, while “Anyone But You” is set to arrive on December 22, 2023. Watch the trailers for both below.

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