Barry Keoghan Jokes About His Collection of Saltburn Bathwater Candles

Barry Keoghan Jokes: Barry Keoghan keeps the fire burning for Jacob Elordi! In a delightful chat with Variety in Los Angeles, Keoghan playfully shared his humorous stash of the now-viral bathwater candles—inspired by a certain scene from the duo’s daring movie Saltburn, crafted by Emerald Fennell.

“I’ve got a solid ten of those,” teased the 31-year-old Oscar nominee, jesting about having his own personal collection. “They’re all aglow at my place right now,” he chuckled.

This particular scene involves Elordi’s character, Felix, finding solace in a bathtub, while Oliver (Keoghan) intriguingly decides to sip on the residual bathwater, sparking a creative surge on platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

Various sellers have fashioned candles reminiscent of the scene, bearing names like “Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater” or simply embodying his character (“Felix’s Bathwater”), each offered in an array of scents and materials.

Fennell, the ingenious mind behind the boundary-pushing film, delved into the messages embedded within her work, especially highlighting the bathtub sequence. “That scene,” she expressed to PEOPLE, “embodies the most captivating allure I’ve ever witnessed… And I believe everyone is free to feel that way.”

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Yet, sipping bathwater serves as just the tip of the iceberg in Oliver’s intense fascination with Felix and his affluent family, portrayed by a stellar cast including Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, Alison Oliver, and Archie Madekwe.

With subsequent Saltburn scenes encompassing late-night rendezvous and introspective moments by the graveside, Fennell conveyed, “We aimed to depict an unquenchable, insatiable, eternal, almost vampiric kind of love. And I truly believe we captured that essence thanks to the incredible commitment of every individual involved in this project.”

The film, threaded with eyebrow-raising instances involving Oliver—a student invited to Felix’s opulent family estate for a summer holiday in 2007—exemplifies the intentional design to elicit reactions. “I’m intrigued by the emotions it evokes,” shared the Oscar-winning writer-director of Promising Young Woman. “If it stirs something entirely new within you, then the movie has succeeded, and that’s what we aimed for.”

The boldness of her leading actor in embracing a close-up shot of licking a bathtub drain was a deliberate part of the artistic canvas, Fennell elaborated. Reflecting on meeting the “incredible” Keoghan, she recalled their initial exchange where he simply stated, “‘I’m Oliver.'”

“And I thought, ‘I know. So am I.’ Because, in a way, Oliver is an extension of myself,” she explained. “Then Barry came along and suddenly embodied Oliver too. That connection is remarkable, a space where you encourage each other to explore deeper complexities, pushing boundaries, and elevating every aspect, making it more intriguing, intricate, and yes, even stickier and sexier.”

For those who don’t resonate with the film’s depths, Fennell maintains a relaxed stance, saying, “That’s fine, really. Not everyone will embrace it. But for those who connect with it, it’s a profound feeling of being understood—an experience we all shared while crafting this piece.”

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