Guillermo del Toro Frankenstein’: Star-Studded Cast Unveiled for Netflix Adaptation

Guillermo del Toro Frankenstein: In the upcoming Netflix adaptation of “Frankenstein,” directed by Guillermo del Toro, a distinguished ensemble cast assembles, with Jacob Elordi stepping into the iconic role of the monster, previously occupied by Andrew Garfield. Garfield’s departure was a result of scheduling conflicts caused by strike postponements.

This star-studded lineup includes Christoph Waltz, Felix Kammerer, Lars Mikkelsen, David Bradley, and Christian Convery, joining Elordi in this highly anticipated project. Oscar Isaac and Mia Goth were previously announced as part of the cast, with Isaac portraying Victor Frankenstein.

Guillermo del Toro, overseeing writing, directing, and producing, collaborates with J. Miles Dale, known for their work on Netflix’s “Cabinet of Curiosities.” The narrative follows Victor Frankenstein, a brilliant scientist whose egotistical pursuits lead to a life-altering experiment gone awry, resulting in both the creator’s downfall and the tragic creation.

This project has long been a passion for del Toro, who aims to explore the iconic tale. The specific approach, whether the adaptation will be a period piece or set in contemporary times, remains undisclosed.

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Jacob Elordi, recognized for recent roles in Amazon MGM Studios’ “Saltburn” and his portrayal of Elvis Presley in A24’s “Priscilla” directed by Sofia Coppola, continues to make waves in the film industry. His portrayal of the iconic monster adds depth to his already busy schedule, highlighting his versatility as an actor.

Felix Kammerer, notable for his performance in Netflix’s Oscar-winning “All Quiet on the Western Front,” Lars Mikkelsen from Netflix’s “The Witcher,” and David Bradley, a regular in del Toro’s projects, bring their expertise to this adaptation. Christian Convery, known for his work in Netflix’s “Sweet Tooth,” completes the ensemble.

As this star-studded puzzle takes shape, anticipation builds for del Toro’s unique interpretation of this timeless classic. The convergence of talent suggests a project poised to captivate audiences with a fresh perspective on Mary Shelley’s enduring tale.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who is playing Frankenstein in Guillermo del Toro?

Guilllermo del Toro has acquired a new creature for his latest project. Jacob Elordi, known for his roles in Priscilla and Saltburn, has been cast as Frankenstein’s monster in del Toro’s upcoming film based on Mary Shelley’s iconic horror book.

Are they making a Frankenstein movie?

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Frankenstein’ doesn’t have a release date yet. The film is expected to be released in late 2025, with filming scheduled to begin in early 2024.

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