Jeremy Allen White: From Shameless Heartthrob to Calvin Klein’s Sensation

Jeremy Allen White has captured hearts since his iconic role as Lip Gallagher in “Shameless,” but his journey to stardom took a meteoric turn with Hulu’s “The Bear.” Suddenly, fans worldwide couldn’t help but gush over his unique, heartthrob appeal.

Since then, the era of “Jeremy Allen White” has continued to unfold, gracing red carpets, claiming victories during awards season, and diving into his latest project, “Iron Claw,” currently captivating audiences in theaters. But amidst his professional triumphs, fans have been increasingly intrigued by the personal life of the recently divorced star.

In a culmination of these elements, White’s recent announcement as the new face of Calvin Klein in a sizzling campaign further propelled his visibility. One particular video showcases White starting on the streets of New York in black shorts and a white tank top, ascending to a rooftop, shedding layers down to his underwear, casting a smoldering gaze at the camera.

Comment sections erupted with praise; one admirer wrote, “This deserves an Oscar honestly,” while another confessed, “Forgive me, I just drooled .” Hard to blame anyone for such reactions!

Jeremy Allen White (2)

Accompanying the 50-second reel, Calvin Klein released captivating photos of White, flaunting his physique in a way that could make anyone blush. Among these images, he’s seen enjoying an apple and adjusting black boxer briefs, proudly displaying his chiseled abs.

In a separate video, the Golden Globe winner reminisced about growing up in New York, sharing, “I loved dancing as a kid and pursued it seriously, often coercing my parents to watch me showcase my moves.”

Reflecting on his return to the city, he remarked, “I grew up here in New York, and arriving last night, taking a stroll amidst the city’s vibrant energy—it felt like living in a movie.”

Before White’s sizzling campaign, whispers of romance circulated between him and Spanish singer Rosalía. According to Us Weekly, a source revealed in November, “Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White have recently started dating. They began as friends, but things have turned romantic.” Seems like he’s on his way to becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who is Jeremy Allen White’s real father?

Jeremy Allen White entered the world in the bustling Brooklyn borough of New York City on February 17, 1991. His parents are Eloise Ziegler and Richard White. He spent his formative years in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood, where he was raised by his mother, who hails from North Carolina.

Is Rosalía with Jeremy Allen White?

Earlier this week, a photo surfaced showing the singer and actor sharing a kiss, confirming their ongoing relationship.

Is Jeremy Allen White in a relationship?

Before, she covered topics on health, physical fitness, and how they relate to society for GQ. And look who’s back in the spotlight – the romance icon himself. As reported by Us Weekly and evident from their body language, Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía are now a confirmed couple.

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