Survival and Resilience Unfold in ‘Society of the Snow on Netflix”

Society of the Snow on Netflix: In the world of entertainment, stories of plane crashes stranding individuals in the wild have captivated audiences, delving into the darker aspects of human nature where survivors confront dire circumstances and sometimes turn against each other. However, “Society of the Snow,” now available on Netflix, offers a different narrative—directed by J.A. Bayona (known for “The Impossible” and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”)—depicting the remarkable true story of 16 members of a Uruguayan rugby team, their supporters, and their 72-day survival ordeal after the 1972 crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in the unforgiving Andes Mountains.

The movie details the group’s resilience, enduring starvation, freezing temperatures, and extreme weather while trapped on a remote glacier. Roberto Canessa, portrayed by Matías Recalt, one of the survivors, emphasized the director’s talent in portraying human beings under immense stress, reflecting on the experience of collaborating with Bayona on the film.

“It’s more than a movie—it’s an experience we had to share with humanity,” says Canessa. “Human beings undergo a transformation in cases like this, from being athletes to survivors of a plane crash. I believe people have that potential.”

Based on Pablo Vierci’s book, “Society of the Snow” offers a cinematic perspective from the actual location where the tragic event unfolded. The film marks the first instance where the survivors and families of the deceased permitted their real names to be used.

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Bayona, the director, reflects on the heart of the story, highlighting the significance of deciding one’s purpose amid adversity and loss. “When everything has been taken from someone, you still have a chance to decide why you want to live, for whom you want to die,” he expressed, underscoring the film’s focus on the human aspect and the community’s resilience.

The harrowing account of the crash, as depicted in the film, reveals the group’s initial struggle for survival, their anticipation of rescue, and the eventual grim reality when search efforts were called off. This plunged the survivors into a prolonged battle against starvation, compelling them to consider drastic measures for sustenance, as depicted in the movie.

Canessa recalls the challenging decisions they faced in the wilderness, describing the experience as a testament to the human will to endure. He reflects on the discomfort and dilemma they confronted when resorting to cannibalism to survive, a daunting choice driven by the desperate need for sustenance amid adversity.

The survivors’ resilience and unity during the dire circumstances, depicted in the film, were exemplified by their efforts to maintain a sense of humor and mutual support. Despite subsequent disasters, such as avalanches, the group’s determination to survive remained unwavering, fostering a spirit of camaraderie amidst the harshest conditions.

A small group eventually embarked on a perilous journey, facing daunting terrain, severe temperatures, and dwindling resources, striving to seek rescue and reach civilization in Chile. Canessa recounts the life-changing trek, emphasizing the transformative commitment amid the perilous expedition.

The survivors’ eventual rescue after months of ordeal marked a pivotal moment, offering a glimpse of hope amid adversity. Canessa reflects on the journey’s end, symbolically burying remains carried on their journey as a testament to their survival and the human spirit.

Rescued and returned to civilization, Canessa went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor, a journey marked by determination and resilience that transcended the harrowing ordeal in the Andes. His story stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Society of Snow based on true story?

The 1972 plane crash of the Uruguayan rugby team is the true event that sparked the creation of the latest Netflix film. This harrowing tale encompasses disaster, survival, loss, and even the unimaginable act of cannibalism.

Is Society of the Snow dubbed?

The film is now on Netflix, offering the option to watch it in English or in its original Spanish for an authentic experience. It’s a top must-watch movie of the year.

Is Society of the Snow accurate?

Absolutely. Bayona made a concerted effort to ensure that Society of the Snow adhered closely to the actual events of the Andes plane crash. As reported by USA Today, he conducted extensive interviews with the survivors, who were still living 50 years after the tragic event, totaling 100 hours of interviews.

Is Alive and Society of the Snow the same story?

Society of the Snow and Alive both show a plane crash, but each movie focuses on different aspects of the true story. The 1993 biographical drama focuses on the survivors’ stories and is told from their perspective.

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