Unconventional Valentine Lisa Frankenstein’ and Rom-Com Reimaginations

Valentine Lisa Frankenstein: As we step into the new year, hearts are already fluttering in anticipation of that beloved yet somewhat fabricated occasion—Valentine’s Day However, the landscape of romantic releases around this time has seen a transformation, with theatrical debuts navigating tricky territory.

Last year offered a blend of hits and misses, from the final moves of Magic Mike in “Last Dance” to the less-than-thrilling chemistry of “Your Place or Mine,” starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. As we await surprises from Netflix—perhaps Glen Powell‘s promisingly sexy rom-com “Hit Man” or an earlier release of Jennifer Lopez’s “This Is Me…Now”—one certainty is “Lisa Frankenstein,” set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day.

Yes, you read that right—a movie centered around a girl and, well, a corpse. Surprising, right? But strangely intriguing. Led by Katheryn Newton, penned by Diablo Cody, and featuring one of the Sprouse twins, this unconventional tale banks on the unexpected. Cody’s style sometimes leans overly cute, yet her venture into horror, last seen in the excellent “Jennifer’s Body,” offers promise. Plus, teaming up with Zelda Williams—daughter of the legendary Robin Williams—brings an ’80s teen movie vibe that feels oddly perfect. While the dialogue may be out of sync, typical of Cody, the visual spectacle is undeniably captivating.

Valentine Lisa Frankenstein (1)

Admittedly, I did have to resort to a quick Google search to confirm which Sprouse twin plays the departed character—Cole, known from his Riverdale days. Seeing him in the role, hidden under makeup and away from Jughead’s iconic dark hair, creates an intriguingly different visual. “Lisa Frankenstein” appears akin to envisioning Billy Butcherson from “Hocus Pocus” as the hero of his own narrative. It’s a peculiar mix that resonates with my taste, capturing shades of early Burton and a touch of “The Burbs.” However, it’s apparent this might not resonate with everyone.

I brace myself for the inevitable chatter claiming the demise of romantic movies—again—when Valentine’s box office figures stumble due to our reliance on unconventional teen tales and, oddly, Madame Web. JLo, the plea remains—consider an early release of “This Is Me…Now.” It might just be the fix we need!

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Lisa Frankenstein PG 13?

“Lisa Frankenstein” has been given a PG-13 rating for its “Violent Content” and “Sexual Material,” according to IMDb. This upcoming horror film, a fresh spin on the classic story of Frankenstein, is penned by Diablo Cody (known for “Jennifer’s Body”) and helmed by director Zelda Williams.

Are they making a Frankenstein movie?

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Frankenstein’ doesn’t have a release date yet. The film is expected to be released in late 2025, with filming scheduled to begin in early 2024.

Who plays the zombie in Lisa Frankenstein?

Making its debut on /Film’s list of highly anticipated films for 2024 is “Lisa Frankenstein.” This exciting project, helmed by director Zelda Williams and penned by writer Diablo Cody, promises to be a captivating teen horror rom-com. The film features the talented Kathryn Newton alongside the well-known “Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse, who plays a reanimated corpse. Fans of the genre are eager to witness this unique and intriguing collaboration.

Where is Lisa Frankenstein filming?

Additional casting details for the August 2022 filming of the production in New Orleans included Liza Soberano, Carla Gugino, Joe Chrest, and Henry Eikenberry. Filming commenced in August and was set to conclude in September.

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