Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Tribute: A Melody Celebrating ISRO’s Lunar Feat

Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Tribute: The famous Indian musician Kailash Kher is composing a song to commemorate Chandrayaan-3, which put India at the forefront of lunar exploration. Kher wrote the “Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Song” to honor ISRO scientists, the Indian Prime Minister, and everyone involved in the moon’s South Pole soft landing.

Chalo Ji Karein Chand Ki Sawari is in its final audio stage, and the “Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Song” will soon be visualized. Kher said the song’s release is a tribute to Chandrayaan-3’s success, our nation’s pride, and everyone participating in this mission, his voice filled with enthusiasm as he hummed a few lyrics.

However, a personal connection makes “Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Song” touching. Kher said the song is dedicated to his mother, Chandrakanta. Chandrayaan evokes recollections of his mother and his family, intertwining with the cosmic achievement.

Kher deliberately delayed the video production of the “Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Song” till the mission was completed. I was only waiting for this big milestone. The hitmaker Teri Deewani said the song unfolded brilliantly. He wants to give the video a romantic feel without compromising its passionate tribute to missionaries.

Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Tribute A Melody Celebrating ISRO's Lunar Feat

Kher created this musical piece because ISRO’s accomplishments warranted appreciation. He remembered skeptics’ misgivings about India’s capability during the operation. He said, The present moment is the most important, with pride. This “Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Song” is my love and best wishes to everyone, particularly India’s champions.

He linked India’s lunar achievement to its resilience during the worst COVID-19 pandemic, even aiding neighboring nations. He proudly declared that India had reached the moon today. In the past, our songs were moon fantasies. The “Kailash Kher Chandrayaan-3 Song.” will confirm our lunar landing.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What was the celebrity reaction on Chandrayaan-3?

Sunny Deol, known for his role in Gadar 2, expressed his admiration for Isro’s recent success. He tweeted, “Such a proud moment. #Hindustanzindabad. Congratulations to @ISRO on the successful soft landing of #Chandrayaan3 on the moon. A remarkable achievement in India’s space exploration history. Proud!!!”

What is the song for Chandrayaan-3?

Renowned singer Kailash Kher pays tribute to ISRO for the triumph of Chandrayaan-3 with his song ‘Chalo Ji Karein Chand Ki Sawari’.

Who is CEO of Chandrayaan-3?

S Somanath, the head of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), is currently in the spotlight for the remarkable achievement of Chandrayaan-3. The spacecraft touched down on the Moon’s southern polar region on August 23, marking a significant moment in space exploration.

What is the missing in Chandrayaan-3?

The main omission in Chandrayaan 3 is the absence of an orbiter, which was included in Chandrayaan-2 along with the lander Vikram and rover Pragyan. Chandrayaan-3 will only consist of a rover and a lander, while the orbiter from the previous mission will continue to be operational.

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