Leslie Small Two-Film Deal with Winter State Entertainment

Leslie Small Two-Film Deal: Leslie Small has been picked to direct two movies for Winter State Entertainment, which are sure to light up the big screen. With this exciting two-film deal, Winter State is making a successful comeback to story films after taking a break to make documentaries about the pandemic.

First up is “Happy V-Day,” a funny buddy comedy by Hamid and Camille Torabpour, who are known for their work on “Winter State.” In this humorous story, their partners force two best friends to go on a vasectomy adventure that will make people laugh out loud.

The second movie, “The Raid,” is a modern Western about the famous wealth of Jesse James. A fascinating story emerges as people hear about how amazing it was to find this prize. The public will see the treasure for the first time at Northfield’s Jesse James Days event. But Austin and his crew devise a bold plan to steal the money from the bank. Sheriff Tom, his stubborn daughter Madeline, and the town’s best detective get caught up in a dangerous plan that matches Jesse James’. Vern Swedin’s great story was turned into this exciting thriller by Hamid Torabpour and Jon Arjes.

Hamid and Camille Torabpour, Peter Wise, Nick Hagen, Dr. Mark Smith, and Winter State Entertainment are all behind these movies.

Hamid Torabpour, the head of Winter State Entertainment, said that “The Raid” is a tribute to the movies of the 1990s, like “The Fugitive,” “Face/Off,” and “The Rock.” A fun break from life for two hours. We’re excited to see this exciting project come to life through Leslie Small’s unique style and vision. “Happy Valentine’s Day” is a given. Leslie has learned from some of the best comedians in the world to do comedy like no one else.

Producer Peter Wise talked about how many comedy shows Leslie Small had done to improve at being funny. Wise liked “Happy V-Day” and how Small made “The Raid.” come true.

Leslie Small said, “I’m excited to work on these two movies with Peter, Hamid, and Camille. Our teamwork is amazing, and I’m sure people worldwide will love our movies. “Let’s jump!”

Leslie Small directed Kevin Hart’s funny comedy show “Hart to Heart.” He was also in “Real Husbands of Hollywood,” “Holiday Rush,” which was on Netflix, and “Undercover Brother 2.”

Leslie Small Two-Film Deal

“Summertime Dropouts” and “Under the Stadium Lights,” which starred Laurence Fishburne and Milo Gibson, were made by Winter State Entertainment and won awards. With films about Willie Roaf (“ROAF”), Jim “Kitty” Kaat (“Kitty to Cooperstown”), and Tommy John (“Tommy John: The Bionic Man”), the future looks bright. “Mel Blount: Whatever It Takes” is about the Pittsburgh Steeler Mel Blount. “The Hitman: A Tommy Hearns Story” is about the boxer Tommy Hearns.

Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks’ Karen Gottlieb leads the Torabpours, and the Independent Artist Group does an excellent job for Leslie Small.

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