Nokturno: Haunting Echoes of the Silver Screen

In a turn of events that underscores the ever-evolving Philippine cinema landscape, Nadine Lustre is set to grace the silver screen once more in the upcoming horror-suspense film “Nokturno.” Directed by Mikhail Red, the project is hotly tipped as a contender for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), slated for December. This comes on the heels of Lustre’s recent triumph with “Deleter,” another Red-directed opus, which unexpectedly topped the box office at last year’s MMFF.

Nadine Lustre and Mikhail Red first captured public attention when their previous collaboration, “Deleter,” not only participated in but also dominated the MMFF last December. Ironically, Red had never originally intended for “Deleter” to join the festival. “We just wanted to tell the story. The stars aligned, and we were humbled by the public’s reception. Our aim has always been to make movies that challenge and excite us,” said Red.

Now, the duo is back, whetting public appetite with “Nokturno,” a project that dives deep into elemental characters and the arcane. While the film has yet to secure a slot in the MMFF, Red remains optimistic. “Hopefully, ‘Nokturno’ will make it to this year’s festival. What’s crucial for me is distribution; I want our work to be seen not just within the Philippines but on a broader international scale,” he added.

This year’s MMFF promises a rich tableau of cinematic offerings from seasoned Filipino actors. Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon reunite in a romance drama, “When I Met You in Tokyo.” Nora Aunor headlines the drama “Pieta,” directed by Adolf Alix, Jr., featuring a host of established stars. Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards collaborate in “A Mother and a Son’s Story,” helmed by director Nuel Naval.

For Lustre, the MMFF is more than a competition; it celebrates Filipino filmmaking. “I’m just thrilled that there’s another MMFF. For me, it’s about the film community coming together. I’m already content if this movie gets included in the festival, as it would mean a wider audience for our film,” she said. Emboldened by her recent accolades, including a Best Actress win, Lustre is all fired up for her new role. “I didn’t have second thoughts about .This movie¬† I’m a huge horror aficionado and relish the opportunity to work with Mikhail Red and his team,” she mentioned.


Her past successes serve both as inspiration and a gauntlet thrown. “I aim to outdo my previous performances with each new project. Winning awards for ‘Deleter’ was a sign that I was on the right path. I’m eager for ‘Nokturno’ and what it represents, not just for me but for Philippine cinema,” she expressed. Joining Lustre in “Nokturno” are Eula Valdez, Wilbert Ross, Bea Binene, and child actor JJ Quilantang, creating an ensemble that promises to captivate audiences.

Lustre also touched on the importance of supporting local films beyond the MMFF season. “I’m happy that the MMFF tradition continues, but I hope Filipinos will extend their enthusiasm for local films throughout the year,” she concluded.

With the imminent release of “Nokturno,” Lustre and Red are set to prove once again that they are a formidable pair in the Philippine film industry, echoing their previous success while pushing the boundaries of their craft. As anticipation mounts, both the director and his muse are clearly set on delivering another compelling narrative that stands a good chance of being one of this year’s MMFF highlights.

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