Blumhouse’s The Black Phone 2 Release Date Revealed: A Spine-Chilling Sequel

The Black Phone 2 Release Date: Universal Studios has recently announced the release date for the highly anticipated sequel to the horror hit “The Black Phone.” Set to hit theaters on June 27, 2025, “Blumhouse’s The Black Phone 2” serves as a continuation of the spine-chilling narrative that captivated audiences worldwide in 2022.

The original film, based on a short story penned by Joe Hill, followed the gripping tale of Finney, a resourceful 13-year-old boy portrayed by Mason Thames, who finds himself in the clutches of a ruthless kidnapper portrayed by Ethan Hawke.

Imprisoned within a soundproof basement, Finney’s only lifeline becomes a disconnected phone on the wall that unexpectedly rings, enabling him to hear the voices of the killer’s previous victims. Determined to prevent Finney from suffering their grisly fate, the eerie voices add an additional layer of suspense to the heart-pounding storyline.

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Produced by Jason Blum for Blumhouse, the original film also showcased the talents of Jeremy Davis and Madeleine McGraw, uniting Hawke with the creative minds behind the 2012 horror gem “Sinister.”

The successful collaboration between Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, who penned the screenplay, paved the way for the inception of “The Black Phone,” adding to the duo’s extensive portfolio of impactful cinematic ventures. Following the triumph of “Sinister,” the pair was later entrusted by Marvel Studios to helm the acclaimed 2016 release “Doctor Strange,” solidifying their status as notable figures in the realm of suspenseful and thrilling storytelling.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is there going to be The Black Phone 2?

The highly anticipated Black Phone 2 is set to hit theaters nationwide on June 27, 2025. Meanwhile, the original Black Phone can now be streamed on Peacock.

Was black phone based on a true story?

The Black Phone is not a true story. It’s based on Joe Hill’s eponymous fictional short story. The film takes inspiration from thriller and horror elements and uses various tropes, but the story is purely a product of creative imagination and not based on real-life events.

Who is The Grabber in black phone 2?

Ethan Hawke grapples with the unknown aspects of his character, The Grabber, in The Black Phone 2. He relies on director Scott Derrickson to challenge and guide him in shaping The Grabber’s evolution in the sequel.

What does The Grabber do to his victims?

The Grabber inexplicably kidnaps young boys and hides them in his basement without his brother’s knowledge. Eventually, he murders the boys and buries their bodies in a nearby house. Tragically, he has taken the lives of 5 children, including Finney Blake’s friends Bruce and Robin.

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