Cat Person Film Review: Visceral Impact and Missed Opportunities

Cat Person Film Review: Lucio Fulci’s “City Of The Living Dead” is known for a gruesome scene where a character vomits out their own insides. Watching it can be a visceral experience. The author likens this feeling to watching Susanna Fogel’s film “Cat Person,” which, despite its visceral impact, ultimately misses the mark.

“Cat Person” is an adaptation of a viral New Yorker story about a young woman, Margot, dating an older guy, Robert. The story explores the highs and lows of their relationship, and the film adds a more infuriating final act.

Emilia Jones plays Margot, who works at a movie theater and meets Robert (Nicholas Braun). The film grapples with the threat of male violence against women but doesn’t offer much new insight. It lacks nuance and opts for heightened reality.

The film captures the discomfort of knowing something is wrong but not being able to pinpoint it. It succeeds in making the audience cringe and feel the discomfort. However, the protagonist, Margot, is presented as unreliable, undermining the film’s attempt to address misogyny and relationship politics.

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Despite these issues, the performances of Jones and Braun are compelling. The film delves into the complexities of consent, showcasing an insightful and brilliant scene. However, the film’s tonal shifts and a wild, unnecessary final act make it fall short of its potential.

“Cat Person” excels in creating awkwardness, but it loses its message and underestimates the audience’s ability to grasp nuance, ultimately missing the mark.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Cat person a good movie?

Expert reviewers praise Cat Person as an intellectually stimulating, superbly performed, shrewdly written and directed, and visually stunning film that leaves a lasting impact on viewers. The film’s cinematography, handled by Manuel Billeter, is particularly commendable. Reviews on November 28, 2023, give it a 4/5 rating, while those on November 6, 2023, rate it 3/5.

Is Cat person a true story?

“Cat Person” was advertised as a piece of fiction; Kolker’s tale revolved around a genuine conflict between two writers, with one accusing the other of appropriating details from her life for a work of fiction.

Why was cat person so popular?

The story resonated with many women, particularly in regards to Margot’s mixed feelings of fear and attraction, as well as her concern about the potential consequences of rejecting Robert. Men also had strong reactions, enough to generate a substantial amount of feedback and articles on X account.

What is the final word in the cat person?

He bombards her with invasive, offensive questions, speculating about why she doesn’t like him. The tale concludes with his ultimate, single-word message: “whore.” Throughout the written account, Robert comes across as relatively benign, though his behavior is undeniably cringeworthy. It’s not until the very end that you realize he’s anything but innocent.

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