Dwayne Johnson Wax Figure: Embracing Authenticity in Paris

Dwayne Johnson Wax Figure: The Musée Grévin in France has unveiled an updated wax figure of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after the initial statue faced criticism from fans and the actor himself. The new version features darker skin and a more natural representation of the 51-year-old star.

Veronique Berecz, the museum’s PR head, acknowledged the mistake, stating, “We found his reaction rather friendly when addressing the fact that his figure was indeed whiter than it should have been. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet Dwayne Johnson so we used several photos — but as it turns out, pictures can be very tricky because the nuances of skin tones can differ depending on the lighting on photos.” She clarified that the issue was not intentional whitewashing but an honest mistake based on the photos they had. After receiving feedback from various sources, they swiftly made the necessary changes. Despite the adjustments, the wax figure still sports Johnson’s iconic golfer attire.

The initial statue had faced comparisons to Mr. Clean and sparked online mockery. Comedian James Andre Jefferson humorously remarked, “You know black-ass Samoan The Rock? That’s how Paris thinks he looks. They turned The Rock into a pebble … It looks like The Rock ain’t never seen the sun a day in his life. It looks like The Rock is part of the royal family.”

Johnson, for his part, took the situation with good humor, pledging to have his team collaborate with the museum for further enhancements, starting with his skin color. He even quipped that he might drop by the museum the next time he’s in Paris and have a drink with himself.

Dwayne Johnson Wax Figure

Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming film, “Red One,” in which he stars alongside Chris Evans, is set to be a Christmas movie with a unique blend of “A Miracle on 34th Street” and “Hobbs & Shaw.”

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Our Reader’s Queries

Was the rock a Navy SEAL?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the famous actor and ex-pro wrestler, has never served with the United States Navy’s SEAL Team Six or any other part of the U.S. military. The belief that he was a member of SEAL Team Six is simply not true and is based on incorrect information or rumors.

How do wax figures look so real?

First, the artist carefully adds the teeth and eyes to the head, then applies ten layers of oil-based paint to give the figure a lifelike skin tone and texture. After that, the figure undergoes a thorough critique before it is approved to be displayed in the attraction.

How much does Dwayne Johnson weight?

According to Forbes, Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is believed to be around $800 million in 2023.

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