K-Pop Star Bang Yedam Breaks Free: A Solo Odyssey Begins

K-Pop Star Bang Yedam: Bang Yedam, a rising star in the K-pop scene, first gained prominence when he clinched the runner-up spot in SBS’ K-Pop Star Season 2 back in 2013. Known for his mesmerizing vocal abilities and captivating performances, he quickly earned the monikers “Korea’s Justin Bieber” and “Little Michael Jackson.” His journey led him to join YG Entertainment as a trainee, where he made his debut with the group TREASURE, amassing a devoted international fanbase. However, Bang Yedam is now poised to embark on a new solo career after departing from TREASURE and YG Entertainment.

On October 30, GF Entertainment made an exciting announcement. They revealed that Bang Yedam will be releasing a pre-release track on November 10, with his first mini-album following on November 23. What adds an intriguing twist to this new chapter is the involvement of a renowned producer known for shaping the career of K-pop’s beloved queen, IU.

Bang Yedam’s Journey at YG Entertainment: During his tenure at YG Entertainment, Bang Yedam underwent seven years of rigorous training, honing his incredible vocal talents and stage presence. His remarkable journey began with the K-pop group TREASURE, which was just the beginning of his musical odyssey. In 2022, he bid farewell to YG Entertainment, marking the start of his independent career as a producer and solo artist, showcasing his unique musical flair.

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Fans have eagerly awaited Bang Yedam’s solo debut, and the moment has finally arrived. He is poised to make his solo debut under his newly signed agency, GF Entertainment, which is also home to the boy group Kingdom. Collaborating on his solo album is GF Entertainment’s CEO, Namgoong Chan, a seasoned figure in the music industry who has guided the careers of various artists, including Kim Hyun-chul and IU during his tenure at Loen Entertainment.

Notably, Bang Yedam has a track record of contributing to songwriting and composition for various artists, underscoring his prowess as a producer. With mounting anticipation for his solo debut, Bang Yedam expressed his thoughts, saying, “Embracing the role of Bang Yedam as a solo artist feels unfamiliar and carries the weight of commanding the stage solo. However, I’m thrilled to present my unique performance and accept the responsibility that comes with it. I hope you’ll look forward to my future endeavors.” He plans to unveil the schedule for his first mini album through his official social media channels.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who won the Kpop Star 2?

Judges BoA, Park Jin-young, and Yang Hyun-suk scouted for top talent on K-pop Star 2. The winner, Akdong Musician, wowed with their impressive performance, while the runner-up, Bang Ye-dam, also left a mark. The show gave birth to new stars, and the release of 7 more seasons followed.

Who leaves TREASURE?

Bang Yedam and Mashiho have parted ways with TREASURE, the K-pop group they joined in 2020.

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