Passion and Intrigue: Princess Margaret’s Alleged Romance with Eddie Fisher

Princess Margaret: In the annals of royal romances and Hollywood legends, the alleged liaison between Princess Margaret, the vivacious sister of Queen Elizabeth II, and Eddie Fisher, a man known for his entanglements with Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, is indeed a wild ride, to put it lightly.

Terry Richard, Fisher’s fourth wife, recently offered a glimpse into this intriguing chapter of history in her upcoming memoir, “Beauty Queen Dreams.” Amidst the incredible stories she shares, the account of her ex-husband’s royal affair stands out. According to Richard, Fisher would boast “multiple times” about the passionate rendezvous he had with Princess Margaret in their early twenties. The fateful meeting took place in 1953 during the glamorous Red, White, and Blue charity ball held at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel in London.

Eddie Fisher, a charismatic crooner, had a special connection with Princess Margaret. Although he never publicly spoke of this liaison, Richard asserted that he cherished the memories and often shared them with her. According to Richard, Fisher was utterly captivated by the princess from the moment he laid eyes on her. He described her as petite with strikingly beautiful piercing blue eyes. At the charity ball, Fisher serenaded the audience for 45 minutes, directing all his love songs straight at Princess Margaret. It was a night of enchantment, and Fisher’s charm was in full bloom. He confided in Richard that the princess was a woman who knew precisely what she desired, and that night, she desired him.

Princess Margaret

Their liaison may have included more than one passionate encounter. However, Fisher’s romantic escapades extended beyond the confines of Princess Margaret’s boudoir. He also became involved with her lady-in-waiting, Iris. Fisher seemed to take pride in the fact that he had been intimately connected with both the princess and her confidante, Iris. As Richard noted, it remains uncertain whether Princess Margaret was aware of Fisher’s dalliance with Iris.

Eddie Fisher, known for his complex love life, was married five times during his eventful lifetime. His unions included marriages to notable figures such as Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Connie Stevens, Terry Richard, and Betty Lin. Each chapter of his love life added a layer of complexity to the Hollywood legend’s persona.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How many times did Princess Margaret marry?

Margaret’s union with Lord Snowdon grew tense as they both sought companionship outside of their marriage. They went their separate ways in 1976 and finalized their divorce in 1978. Margaret chose not to enter into another marriage.

When did Princess Margaret have a baby?

Born on May 1, 1964, Lady Sarah Chatto is the youngest child and only daughter of Princess Margaret. Once seventh in line to the throne, she now holds the 27th position. Lady Sarah and her brother were raised in Kensington Palace, where her artistic talents were inherited from her father, just like her brother David.

Did Princess Margaret have 3 children?

Princess Margaret’s offspring consist of David Armstrong-Jones, The Earl of Snowdon and Lady Sarah Chatto. Prior to being excluded as working Royals, they regularly participated in balcony festivities with the late Queen. Most recently, Lady Chatto made an appearance in the Royal Box at Wimbledon.

Who are Princess Margaret’s husbands?

On May 6, 1960, history was made as Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones tied the knot. It was a significant event, as it was the first time in 400 years that a king’s daughter had married someone who was not of royal blood. The ceremony was a momentous occasion, symbolizing a break from tradition and heralding a new era for the royal family.

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