Pierre Morel Action Stars: Who Would Triumph in a Showdown

Pierre Morel Action Stars: Liam Neeson, Sean Penn, Jennifer Garner, and now John Cena all share a common thread – their roles in Pierre Morel’s action-packed movies. Since the breakout success of Neeson in “Taken” back in 2008, Morel, the French director-cinematographer, has been known for casting A-list stars in gritty and intense action films. Penn took the lead in the 2015 spy drama “The Gunman,” while Garner portrayed a grieving mother seeking vengeance in 2018’s “Peppermint.”

Now, with John Cena entering Morel’s action-packed cinematic world in “Freelance,” the burning question arises: who would emerge victorious in hand-to-hand combat among these formidable actors? Morel, with a chuckle, initially diplomatically states, “That’s a tough one. They’re all equal… I would not have them go against each other. The four of them would be quite something!”

Upon reflection, though, the filmmaker adds, “Maybe Jennifer Garner, actually.”

In “Freelance,” alongside Alison Brie, Christian Slater, and Juan Pablo Raba, Cena takes on the role of a former special forces operative hired for personal security in a perilous mission amidst a military coup. Morel describes Cena as “a beast of a man, so precise and sharp.”

In an imaginary showdown between Cena and his fellow stars, Morel opines, “John, obviously physically, can do many things. He would probably be the strongest one because it was his job before; he’s a wrestler, he’s a fighter.”

“But,” he continues, “Jennifer showed extremely combative skills when we shot ‘Peppermint.'” Garner, at the time of “Peppermint’s” release in 2018, talked about her character’s transformation into “a machine” and the physical training she underwent to prepare for the role. Morel acknowledges, “John, obviously physically, can do many things. He would probably be the strongest one because it was his job before; he’s a wrestler, he’s a fighter.”

However, Morel also recognizes Garner’s dedication, saying, “Jennifer showed extremely combative skills when we shot ‘Peppermint.'”

“Freelance,” penned by Jacob Lentz, diverges from Morel’s previous work, leaning into action-comedy, a genre he believes Cena fits perfectly. “He was born for this,” confirms Morel. “He has both the physicality, and he is hilariously funny.”

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Morel believes that Cena’s background as a professional wrestling champion has prepared him well for headlining action films. Wrestlers, according to Morel, “know how the show works and they know how to make fun of themselves.”

When asked about who he’d like to collaborate with in Hollywood next, Morel notes, “There are so many fantastic actors who never had the chance, who never did action but [who] would be great for that. Obviously, the more unexpected it is, the better it will work.”

Morel emphasizes that the actor he chooses must bring both action and emotional depth to the role, as Neeson, Penn, Garner, and Cena have. “It’s not just about the action; it’s about the character and the emotional connection we get with them. If it’s just action for action’s sake, it’s not fun.”

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What is Pierre Morel known for?

Born on May 12, 1964 in France, Pierre Morel is a renowned cinematographer and director, famous for his work on District B13 (2004), Taken (2008), and The Gunman (2015).

Where did they film freelance?

WideAngle Films provided audiovisual services for the film, which was shot on location in Colombia. The National Government’s Certificates of Audiovisual Investment in Colombia (CINA), overseen by the Film Commission of Proimágenes Colombia, supported the production.

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