The Golden Bachelor Heartfelt Choices: Three Women Stand Tall

Tonight on The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner faced his toughest decision yet as he had to send three women home, leaving only three lucky ladies remaining for the Hometown Dates episode next week.

The evening began with a surprise announcement from host Jesse Palmer that there would only be three Hometown Dates instead of four, intensifying the competition and putting immense pressure on the ladies to make their final pitches to stay in the running for Gerry’s heart.

Faith had the privilege of a one-on-one date with Gerry, which included a thrilling helicopter tour of Los Angeles and a luxurious yacht experience. Despite her fear of heights, Faith bravely took the helicopter ride, and her candid discussion about her past trauma seemed to genuinely touch Gerry’s heart. She received the date rose and secured her place in the final three.

On the group date at the Santa Monica Pier amusement park, Gerry enjoyed fun and games with five other women. Theresa expressed her deep feelings for Gerry and her desire for him to meet her family, while Ellen and Gerry bonded over their shared love of pickleball. Leslie, who had experienced past heartbreak, opened up to Gerry about her insecurities. In the end, Gerry decided not to give out a date rose, leaving the tension high among the remaining women.

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The rose ceremony resulted in Gerry giving roses to Leslie and Theresa, as Faith already had a date rose. Ellen was eliminated, and Gerry expressed his difficulty in making the decision. Ellen left gracefully, acknowledging that Gerry deserves happiness.

As The Golden Bachelor heads into the Hometown Dates, the final three women move forward, each vying for Gerry’s heart and a chance to introduce him to their families

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Our Reader’s Queries

What does The Golden Bachelor do for a living?

Before becoming a reality TV star, Turner owned and operated a restaurant for many years. Now retired, he enjoys pursuing various hobbies, such as pickleball and golf, which he is eager to showcase on the show.

Who married The Golden Bachelor?

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist got married during a live ABC broadcast Thursday night at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palms Springs, California, in front of many Bachelor Nation alums.

Where can I watch Golden Bachelor Season 1?

Experience “The Golden Bachelor – Season 1” on Prime Video. This unique series presents a love story unlike any other, tailored for the golden years of life.

Where can I watch Golden Bachelor wedding?

The wedding special is now available for streaming on Hulu and Disney+ for fans who missed the live event.

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