The Marvels Unveil Mysterious Thanos Connection in New MCU Chapter

Mysterious Thanos Connection: In a recent promo for “The Marvels,” the foreboding words of Thanos echoed, reminding viewers of Captain Marvel’s triumph over the Mad Titan in “Avengers: Endgame.” However, upon closer inspection, fans have detected a fresh line of dialogue, previously unheard in the MCU. This revelation raises intriguing questions.

The ominous statement from Thanos, “There will always be more to finish my work,” seems to be a new addition. While some of the dialogue is borrowed from past Avengers films, it’s possible that Marvel Studios has repurposed unreleased lines from Josh Brolin, who portrayed Thanos. This suggests a connection between the Kree villain Dar-Benn and the Mad Titan’s legacy.

It’s speculated that Dar-Benn may be continuing Thanos’s mission to eliminate half of all life in the universe. Previous TV spots hinted at her intention to commit mass genocide on planets significant to Carol Danvers, but how this aligns with Thanos’s legacy remains uncertain.

Recent reports suggest that “The Marvels” will feature a game-changing cameo with implications for the Multiverse Saga and upcoming films like “Deadpool,” “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” and “Avengers: Secret Wars.” This film seems to be hiding some major surprises, possibly including a flashback featuring Dar-Benn and Thanos.

Mysterious Thanos Connection (2)

As we await further revelations, the return of Josh Brolin as Thanos could be a monumental moment in “The Marvels,” a film that seems poised to alter the course of the MCU once again.

“The Marvels” sees Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, confronting the consequences of her actions as she embarks on a mission that entangles her powers with those of Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Monica Rambeau. Together, this unlikely trio must save the universe as “The Marvels.”

The movie stars Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani, Samuel L. Jackson, Zawe Ashton, and Park Seo-joon. The intrigue and interconnectedness of the MCU continue to captivate fans, with each new revelation opening up exciting possibilities.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How is Thanos connected to the Eternals?

In the world of comics, Eternals were forbidden from having children. However, this rule was broken when Thanos, who was born to two Eternals, came into existence. His birth resulted in him carrying the Deviant Gene, which changed his physical appearance but technically still classified him as an Eternal.

Is Thanos brother in Eternals?

Eternals brought a fresh batch of heroes into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among them is Eros, also known as Starfox (played by Harry Styles), who is not only an Eternal but also happens to be the sibling of the infamous Thanos. However, Marvel chose not to delve into the details of how this peculiar relationship came to be.

Did Thanos really love Nebula?

Despite not harboring any affection for Nebula in her adult years, her unwavering determination to fight at full strength every time caught his attention. He made an effort to “assist” her and prevent her from experiencing defeat again, acknowledging her growth and tenacity.

Who is Thanos associated with?

Born on Saturn’s moon Titan to Eternals A’lars and Sui-San, Thanos is the grandson of Kronos, nephew of Zuras, and grandnephew of Oceanus and Uranos. His brother, Eros of Titan, is also a part of his family. Thanos inherits the Deviants gene, giving him a physical appearance similar to the Eternals’ cousin race.

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