Valley Arts Fringe Festival: A Month of Artistic Marvels and Community Unity

Valley Arts Fringe Festival: The Chew Valley is alive with anticipation as the Valley Arts Fringe Festival continues, gracing the region with a spectacular array of performances until the 19th of November. This cherished annual event is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the community, promising to infuse the Valley with mirth, artistic fervor, and melodies that resonate.

Now in its seventh year, the Fringe Festival is a celebration of the power of togetherness. A diverse tapestry of events, ranging from comedic brilliance and theatrical wonders to community workshops and harmonious melodies, ensures that there is a piece of this artistic tapestry for everyone to relish.

The merriment commences this month with David Eagle: Flying Solo, a remarkable and fresh stand-up comedy performance by one of Britain’s brightest young talents. Join us on the 4th of November at 8 pm in Compton Martin, as we embark on a journey of laughter and wit.

Among the festival’s highlights is “Phil Okwedy – The Gods Are All Here.” This captivating show weaves together folktales and legends of the African diaspora, offering a glimpse into Phil’s life as a child of dual heritage growing up in Wales during the 1960s and 70s. Experience this enthralling performance in Chew Stoke on the 9th of November.

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Families are in for a treat as well, with “Ernie’s Journey,” a circus adventure that blends magic and puppetry, taking center stage on the 4th of November in Compton Martin. “The Star Seekers,” an interactive space-themed show filled with songs, whimsy, and gravity-defying antics, will grace the stage on the 11th of November in Temple Cloud.

For aficionados of classical music, Chew Magna will host “Vivaldi’s Four Seasons by Candlelight,” presented by The Bristol Ensemble on the 11th of November. Meanwhile, on the 18th of November, the talented musicians of Tango Calor, united by their passion for Argentine tango, will enthrall the audience with their harmonious notes.

So, make a note on your calendar and get ready for a month brimming with artistic wonders. These extraordinary experiences are right at your doorstep, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of this artistic extravaganza!

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What date is the Edinburgh Fringe 2024?

Experience the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where creative freedom takes center stage. Mark your calendar for 02 – 26 August 2024 and be a part of the world’s most fantastic platform for artistic expression.

How much is Edinburgh Fringe?

Type of Run
Registration Fee
Limited Run (3-5 performances)
£204.00 (£170.00 excluding VAT)
Full Run (6 or more performances)
Discounted Rate: £295.20* (£246.00 excluding VAT)
Standard Rate: £393.60 (£328.00 excluding VAT)
Summer Rate (from 29 May – listing on only)
£295.20 (£246.00 excluding VAT)

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