Adam Sandler’s Teens Sparkle: Sadie and Sunny Shine at ‘Leo’ Premiere

Adam Sandler’s Teens Sparkle: Adam Sandler’s beloved daughters, Sadie and Sunny, are stepping into the spotlight, all grown up. The teens, 17 and 15, recently joined their father and mom, Jackie Sandler, at the premiere of Adam’s new animated film, “Leo.”

At the premiere, Sadie, sporting a chic green floor-length dress paired with sneakers, stands tall beside her mom, matching her height. Meanwhile, Sunny, towering over her 5’10” father, exudes confidence.

Adam Sandler's Teens Sparkle (1)

Speaking to PEOPLE, the “Murder Mystery 2” star shared that while he’s unsure if his kids will follow in his comedic footsteps, they have an appreciation for more serious content. However, in “Leo,” they bring a light and playful energy to their characters.

The musical comedy, set to be released on Netflix, offers a unique perspective on the last year of elementary school through the eyes of Leo, the class lizard. Adam lends his voice to Leo, with Sunny and Sadie voicing characters named Summer and Jayda. Jackie also contributes her voice to Jayda’s mom.

Reflecting on Sadie’s journey into adolescence in a 2019 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Adam humorously shared the challenges of hearing his almost-teenage daughter discuss boys. He joked about his shift in perspective, from loving the boys five years ago to feeling a bit jumpy now.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What was Adam Sandler’s child hood like?

Born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, Sandler is the youngest of four children. Not one for academics, he often got in trouble for his funny business at school. At just 17 years old, he took the stage at a stand-up comedy club in Boston, encouraged by his brother.

What movie is Adam Sandler’s kids in?

A 57-year-old actor and his 49-year-old wife, along with their daughters aged 17 and 15, attended the premiere of “Leo,” an animated musical about coming-of-age, on November 19. The actor co-wrote and stars in the Netflix film, while his wife and daughters provided the voices for characters in the movie.

Who does Adam Sandler’s daughters play in Leo?

As Adam takes on the role of Leo, Sunny and Sadie bring to life the characters Summer and Jayda, while Jackie provides the voice for Jayda’s mom.

Did Adam Sandler’s kids play in Hubie?

Adam Sandler’s latest film, Hubie Halloween (2020), features his wife and both daughters in various roles. You can catch Jackie as journalist Tracy Phillips, Sadie as Danielle, and Sunny Sandler as Cooky in this festive flick. And the good news is, Hubie Halloween is ready to watch on Netflix.

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