Carl Radke Heartbreaking Breakup: Emotional Insights Shared at BravoCon 2023

Carl Radke Heartbreaking Breakup: Sharing his side of a deeply personal and challenging breakup, “Summer House” star Carl Radke, 38, recently spoke with PEOPLE at BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas, shedding light on the emotional journey he’s been navigating.

Radke’s engagement to castmate Lindsay Hubbard came to an end this summer, and he expressed, “I firmly don’t believe she was blindsided because we’ve had these conversations.” Despite the breakup’s complexities, Radke believes it was not entirely unexpected.

In a since-deleted Instagram post from September 14, Hubbard, a 37-year-old PR maven, admitted to struggling with the situation, seeking answers and closure. Radke, however, hinted that viewers of “Summer House” Season 8 would gain insight into the relationship’s challenges from the very beginning. “We had a really rough summer, and I think people will see that,” Radke explained. “But it just shows the gravity of the situation when I really deep down felt like I needed to have a conversation with her about where we were at in our relationship and moving forward with the wedding.”

Radke firmly denied rumors suggesting he orchestrated the breakup for the sake of the show, clarifying, “I did not call production to set her up. I don’t decide what is being filmed on ‘Summer House.’ I just respond to what’s being requested.”

The breakup has taken a significant toll on both Radke and Hubbard. Radke candidly shared that it’s been “unbelievably emotionally hard” for them, and he expressed a desire to make things better, if possible.

Surprisingly, Radke noted that coping with this breakup has been more challenging for him than dealing with the death of his brother in 2020. “This has been harder than my brother passing away, I’m not even kidding,” he admitted. The emotional weight of the situation has been intense for Radke.


Over the last few months, Radke has taken time to process and heal, acknowledging that it has been a “very challenging and difficult” journey. He expressed, “I’ve had to take some space and be quiet.” The decision to remain silent was a way to be respectful to both himself and Hubbard. Radke recognized that there may be unresolved matters that need addressing in the future, but, for now, he’s focused on taking each day as it comes and caring for his well-being.

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Despite the personal challenges, Radke attended BravoCon with a sense of pride and determination. He expressed his affection for the Bravo family, having been part of “Summer House” for eight seasons, and he’s excited to represent the show, the network, and its fans with dignity and grace.

During the “Summer House” panel at BravoCon, Radke announced his return to work with Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula at Loverboy to launch a nonalcoholic beverage and produce a movie. Focusing on his career is one of the ways he intends to heal and move forward.

Radke also revealed his commitment to sobriety in the wake of the breakup. “I have not picked up a drink,” he shared. “I’ve not picked up any cocaine, and those are the things that I have a major problem with. I’m really proud that I’ve been able to stay strong.”

Reflecting on a moment of strength, Radke recounted how, after the breakup, he checked into a hotel room and turned down a bottle of wine offered to him by a hotel employee who recognized his distress. “I’m proud of that,” Radke said, highlighting the importance of these moments for his mental health and sobriety. He’s determined to move forward with respect and focus on himself, aspiring to lead a happy life.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is Carl Radke doing now for a living?

During a panel discussion at BravoCon 2023 on November 2, Carl proudly announced his new part-time role with the Loverboy team. He stated that he will be assisting with the development of the company’s non-alcoholic product, following an earlier announcement during the panel about the company’s plans to introduce a mocktail to its product line.

What happened to Carl Radke and Mackenzie?

Dipman made her debut on Bravo’s Summer House in season six, where she caught the eye of Carl Radke. Radke, who was seeking a partner compatible with his sober lifestyle, initially saw Dipman as the ideal match. However, their romance was short-lived, and the pair ultimately decided to part ways. Radke confided in Kyle Cooke about the reasons behind his split from Mackenzie.

Are Danielle and Lindsay friends again?

The Summer House squad caught up at BravoCon 2023 to discuss their rekindled friendship. Ever wondered which Real Housewife would excel as a realtor? Well, the wait is over! Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard have finally patched things up after a rocky couple of years and are officially besties again.

What’s going on with Carl and Lindsay from Summer House?

On August 31, 2023, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard made public their decision to end their engagement. Despite plans to tie the knot in November, Carl informed Lindsay that he was unable to proceed with the wedding.

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