Chris Pratt Garfield: An Animated Odyssey or Overdose

Chris Pratt Garfield: In the realm of upcoming cinematic endeavors, the prospect of a new Garfield movie is on the horizon. The casting choice for the voice of Garfield, now embodied by Chris Pratt, raises eyebrows and prompts contemplation on the abundance of Pratt’s roles in a single calendar year — from Star Lord to Mario and now Garfield. The question arises: when is there too much Pratt?

The Garfield Movie (2024) is distinct from Garfield The Movie (2004), and the recently released trailer provides a glimpse into the animated world. Amidst the reactions, basketball player Robin Lopez delivered a sharp critique by closely examining a screenshot, painting a rather somber picture.

Lopez’s tweet doesn’t just critique Jon Arbuckle; it dissects him with unparalleled precision. Jon, already voted the most depressing cartoon character of all time, faces a new level of scrutiny from Lopez’s vivid imagination.

The portrayal envisions Jon as a regular at his local Olive Garden, subscribing annually to the Neverending Pasta Pass. He is depicted as a solitary figure, seated in a dimly lit corner five nights a week, occasionally indulging in leftovers on the remaining two nights. The servers engage in a discreet game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who has the task of waiting on Jon, who consistently uses his pasta pass and leaves modest tips at best.

The melancholy narrative suggests a yearning for connection beyond the confines of Jon’s world. With only a cat and a dog for companionship, Jon hangs on the servers’ every word, seeking a human connection, not out of genuine interest but as a desperate plea not to be alone.

The scene shifts as Jon, once an observer of the restaurant’s human tableau, turns inward. Facing the wall, he indulges in his “Tour of Italy,” consuming sodium-laden chicken parm while saving the mediocre lasagna for Garfield. The cat, seemingly indifferent, fails to appreciate Jon’s efforts, reflecting the overall lack of appreciation for Jon himself.

Chris Pratt Garfield (2)

Conversations diminish, staff interactions wane, and the once-playful rock, paper, scissors games cease. Jon becomes a predictable presence, with a box always accompanying his check. He leaves three singles on the table as a tip, exiting without a farewell.

The pasta pass, initially a source of sustenance, becomes Jon’s unintended prison. He finds himself unable to justify dining elsewhere while possessing the card, and his talking cat demands the expected nourishment.

As Jon drags his feet towards the door, his gaze falls on a sign reading “When you’re here, you’re family.” A solitary tear wells in his eye, contemplating the emptiness of the sentiment. The door swings open to the cold parking lot, and Jon tosses the leftovers on the passenger seat.

Alone in his car, Jon confronts the hollowness of his life. Tomorrow beckons, a subsequent step towards the unknown. Until then, he’ll continue conversing with his cat and dining at Olive Garden, finding solace in the routine that offers little in a world seemingly devoid of purpose.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Chris Pratt going to play Garfield?

Get ready for Chris Pratt in a whole new light: this time, he’s lending his voice to a cat who despises Mondays. That’s correct, the initial preview for The Garfield Movie, showcasing Pratt’s portrayal of everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving feline, is here and his voice is unmistakably that of Chris Pratt.

Who plays Jon in Garfield 2024?

Brett Goldstein and Bowen Yang joined the cast in November 2022. The movie was officially named The Garfield Movie by September 2023. In December 2023, it was confirmed that Hoult would be the voice of Jon Arbuckle.

Who is voicing Garfield in the new movie?

Chris Pratt made his debut as the voice of the famous cartoon cat, Garfield, in the official trailer for “The Garfield Movie.” Despite Garfield’s well-known dislike for Mondays, fans were treated to their first glimpse of Pratt’s portrayal on a Monday.

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