HBO Chairman Confession: Navigating the Twitter Tangle

HBO Chairman Confession: At a recent news conference, HBO chairman Casey Bloys found himself in an unexpected spotlight, addressing a curious incident that had the entertainment industry buzzing. Bloys openly admitted to being part of a misguided effort to counter critics using fake Twitter accounts, an admission that left many surprised given his typically easygoing demeanor.

As sources revealed that Bloys and another HBO executive had discussed creating fake Twitter profiles to respond to critics who had unfavorable views of HBO’s shows. The plan, hatched in June 2020 and stretching into April 2021, aimed to push back against negative opinions with anonymous counterarguments.

Acknowledging his involvement, Bloys referred to the plan as “a very, very dumb idea to vent my frustration.” He explained that his frustration stemmed from an unusual 2020 and 2021 spent largely working from home and scrolling through Twitter. The HBO executive expressed regret for the situation, apologizing to those unintentionally caught up in the leaked emails and texts.

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Bloys clarified that he had now adopted a more direct approach. Instead of resorting to fake accounts, he engages critics directly through private messages, seeking healthy discussions about reviews and feedback. “I think that is a probably much healthier way to go about this,” he stated, indicating a shift away from past tactics and a commitment to more transparent communication with both critics and viewers.

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Who is CEO of HBO?

HBO CEO Casey Bloys issued an apology to journalists on Thursday after a Rolling Stone report revealed that he had directed employees to make fake social media accounts. These accounts were used to harass TV critics who had given negative reviews to HBO shows.

How long has Casey Bloys been at HBO?

In 2004, he became Director of Development at HBO Independent Productions (HIP) and then advanced to Vice President in 2005. After that, he took on the role of Vice President at HBO Entertainment in 2006, where he led the creation and production of comedy series. His hard work paid off, and he was promoted to Senior Vice President in 2009.

How do I contact Casey Bloys?

Casey Bloys’s contact information was last updated on 12/2/2023 at 8:30 AM. You can reach the HQ of HBO at (855) 942-6669 or visit their office at 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, New York, 10036, United States.

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