Jared Leto Scales New Heights: Unveils Thirty Seconds to Mars’ 2024 World Tour Atop Empire State Building

Jared Leto Scales New Heights: Jared Leto, the 51-year-old rocker, took his daring spirit “Closer to the Edge” as he scaled the iconic Empire State Building to unveil Thirty Seconds to Mars’ upcoming 2024 Seasons world tour. This thrilling announcement was made in support of the band’s latest record, “It’s The End Of The World But It’s A Beautiful Day.”

In a press release, Leto expressed the symbolism of the building, stating, “The building is a testament of all the things that can be done in the world if we put our minds to it,” tying it to the inspiration behind their recent album.

Sporting a striking red jumpsuit, Leto’s monumental climb was captured in photos obtained by PEOPLE. Speaking on Today about the stunt, he shared his exhilarating experience, mentioning, “I made it. I’m alive. I made it to the top, and I was just saying, I saw my mother in the window of the 80th floor, that was a nice surprise,” adding a touch of personal connection.

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Acknowledging the incredible but challenging nature of the feat, Leto revealed a cut and bloody fingers, emphasizing the adventure in celebration of their latest album and upcoming tour. Looking ahead, he expressed a desire for more climbing adventures, particularly mentioning his fondness for scaling buildings in cities.

The Seasons tour is set to kick off on March 15 at Lollapalooza in Buenos Aires, featuring stops in various cities, including Copenhagen, Paris, and Madrid, concluding on Sept. 19 in Auckland, New Zealand. Supporting acts AFI, Poppy, and KennyHoopla will join Thirty Seconds To Mars throughout the tour.

For eager fans, a ticket pre-sale for North American dates starts on Nov. 10, with the general public on-sale scheduled for Nov. 17. The pre-sale password is ‘SEASONS.’ U.K. and European show tickets will be available on Nov. 8 and 17, respectively, while Australian and New Zealand sales start on Nov. 17, with pre-sales on Nov. 13.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What actor scaled the Empire State Building today?

Renowned for his relentless pursuit of an Oscar, Jared Leto is now reaching new heights to promote his band’s upcoming tour. In a historic feat, the actor and musician has become the inaugural individual to legally climb the 102-storey Empire State Building.

Who just scaled the Empire State Building?

Consider visiting the Empire State Building Observatory when planning activities in New York City. On Nov. 9, Jared Leto, an Academy Award winner and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman, made history by becoming the first person to legally scale the iconic building.

Is Jared Leto climbing the Empire State Building?

Jared Leto scaled the Empire State Building last week with the help of a top rope. He did it while wearing a bright jumpsuit that resembled a Santa costume. Surprisingly, he did it all within the bounds of the law, meaning that someone must have given their approval for this astounding achievement to take place.

Why is Jared Leto climbing?

Jared Leto, the Oscar-winning musician, was seen scaling the Empire State Building in New York City last Thursday. The authorized stunt was carried out to promote the upcoming tour of his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, scheduled for 2024.

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