Julia Roberts Twins 19th Birthday: A Tale of Joy, Family, and Motherhood

Julia Roberts Twins 19th Birthday: In a poignant reflection, Julia Roberts iconic actress at 56, shares a heartfelt tribute to her twins, Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, on their 19th birthday. Accompanying the message is a black-and-white throwback photo capturing a cherished moment when the duo were infants, nestled in the embrace of their mother.

There are no words for the joy, the fun, the wild rumpus of life together ” Roberts captions the photo, encapsulating the ineffable essence of their shared journey.

In a candid interview with Hoda Kotb on Today last year, alongside George Clooney, the Notting Hill star revealed the universal parental concerns about making mistakes while raising children. Roberts acknowledged moments of fear, saying, “Sometimes I get gripped with fear of blowing it,” and candidly admitted to her kids when she felt she had made a mistake, urging them to understand the human side of parenting.

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On CBS Sunday Morning in a previous year, Roberts delved into her perspective on family life and a shifted focus in her career. She expressed deep appreciation for the life she and her husband have built with their children, emphasizing that the core of her triumph lies in returning home to her family at the end of each day.

“The life that I’ve built with my husband,” Roberts affirmed. “The life that we’ve built with our children. And that’s the best stuff. … The point is to come home at the end of the day triumphantly to them.”

In these glimpses into Julia Roberts’ life, a narrative of genuine motherhood, humility, and an unwavering commitment to family unfolds, revealing the actress’s profound perspective on the most meaningful aspects of her life journey.

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How old is Hazel Moder?

Julia Roberts keeps her parenting low-key and shares her sweet family customs, revealing her thoughts on raising her three children: Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry.

How many biological children does Julia Roberts have?

Julia Roberts’ twins have reached adulthood! The actress marked the milestone for her 18-year-old kids, Hazel and Finn, with a delightful throwback picture. “????18????,” the “Ticket to Paradise” star, 55, wrote alongside the charming snapshot of herself cuddling one of her infants as the other gazed on. “Love you.”

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