Kelce Brothers Embrace Twitter Resurgence: A Hilarious Week in Tweets

Kelce Brothers Embrace Twitter: The Kelce brothers, Jason and Travis, aren’t shying away from addressing what Jason referred to as “the biggest news from this past week”: the resurfacing of Travis’ old tweets.

In the latest episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Jason, 36, highlighted that besides the Kelce family reunion game on Monday, where the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Kansas City Chiefs, the biggest news was the rediscovery of Travis’ old tweets.

Taylor Swift fans recently unearthed a collection of humorous tweets from Travis’ account dating back to 2009-2011, and many of them went viral. On a recent episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon even sang a song consisting solely of a selection of Travis’ old posts, a bit that Travis, 34, praised on the podcast. “That s— was good,” he remarked.

Addressing the viral nature of his old posts, Travis explained, “I was just using Twitter as like a diary… I’m just out here just saying nonsense.” He and Jason discussed some of the more viral posts, including a tweet from April 2011 about feeding a squirrel, to which Travis admitted he “spelled squirrel like a jackass.” Jason humorously endorsed the misspelling, suggesting it should be the new norm.

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Travis joked about making a friend with the squirrel and quipped, “This is why I don’t tweet anymore, because this is just nonsense.” Despite feeling “tortured” by the reactions, Travis’ brother Jason found the situation hilariously enjoyable, stating, “It sure made for an enjoyable week, rehashing some old tweets.”

The brothers also delved into Travis’ recent WSJ. Magazine cover, where he revealed details about his romance with Taylor Swift and navigating their highly-public relationship. Travis expressed his surprise at being on the cover, noting that he never imagined gracing the pages of the Wall Street Journal. He praised the coverage for showcasing not only his love for Kansas City but also his appreciation for the people around him. Overall, he found the experience “cool” and “awesome

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What did Kelce mom do?

Selected by the Eagles in the 2011 draft, Jason inked a four-year deal earning over $700,000 per year. His earnings have surged over the years, with his current contract for the 2023-2024 season standing at a whopping $14.25 million. This makes him the top-earning center in the entire league.

What did Jason Kelce wife have?

Donna Kelce’s wealth is estimated to be around $1.55 million, as reported by Popular Net Worth. It’s unclear if she earns any income from her sons’ thriving careers. Kelce is now retired after three decades in the banking industry, focusing on commercial real estate finances.

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