MGMT Unveils New Album ‘Loss of Life’ with a Collaborative Twist

MGMT Unveils New Album: MGMT has unveiled their upcoming album, “Loss of Life,” and pre-orders are now available on the band’s website and streaming platforms. MGMT, comprised of artists Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser, had teased a new album about a month ago with cryptic posts on Reddit, and now they have officially announced their first LP since 2018.

Earlier this year, VanWyngarden responded to a fan’s query about new music in the MGMT subreddit, saying, “I’d say there’s a 99.999% chance MGMT releases a new full-length album sometime in 2023.” Well, that likelihood has now solidified to 100%, as “Loss of Life” is set to be released on February 23, 2024.

The announcement of the album, their fifth, coincides with the release of the latest single, “Mother Nature.” “Loss of Life” will feature 10 tracks, including a collaboration with Christine and the Queens titled “Dancing in Babylon.” This marks a notable first for MGMT, as they’ve never featured another band or artist on their tracks before.

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In a statement reported by Clash Music, the band expressed their pride in the new album, noting that it was a relatively painless creative process after a lengthy gestation period. They’re excited to release this musical “baby” into the world with their record label, Mom+Pop. Musically, they describe the album as running at around 20% adult contemporary, emphasizing a distinct musical direction.

MGMT’s previous album was “Little Dark Age” in 2018, their first new music in five years at the time. The album received positive reviews and was considered a return to their earlier style, particularly their debut album, “Oracular Spectacular.” The band’s creative process for “Little Dark Age” harkened back to their college days, with a collaborative approach to songwriting.

The new single, “Mother Earth,” features a guitar-based sound and familiar vocals. It strikes a balance between commercial appeal and MGMT’s distinctive style, providing a promising glimpse into the forthcoming album’s sound.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is MGMT working on a new album?

MGMT revealed information about their upcoming fifth studio album, Loss Of Life, set to be launched on February 23. The album features the track “Mother Nature.” Additionally, they released a 3D animated video for the single, showcasing a storyline of two animal companions, Dog and Turtle, battling against a wicked pet collector. Watch the captivating video below!

What does the MGMT stand for in the band?

The group originally came together as The Management and put out two demo albums, We (Don’t) Care and Climbing to New Lows, using that title. However, because the name was already taken by another band, they switched to MGMT, which is just a modified version of their original name.

When did MGMT release Little Dark Age?

MGMT dropped their latest album, Little Dark Age, or LDA for short, on February 9, 2018, under Columbia Records.

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