Robert De Niro Courtroom Conundrum: Balancing Work and Personal Matters

Robert De Niro Courtroom: Robert De Niro found himself on the witness stand in Manhattan federal court, justifying his decision to make phone calls to his assistant during her grandmother’s funeral. The actor explained that he needed her to purchase bus tickets for his son, and she had given him permission to call. De Niro testified, “I don’t know if they were putting the body in the ground or at a wake or something.”

This testimony is part of a civil trial between De Niro and his former assistant, Chase Robinson. Robinson has accused De Niro of overseeing a workplace with gender discrimination and subjecting her to unwanted physical contact. De Niro, in turn, has denied these allegations and filed a countersuit, alleging that Robinson improperly charged personal expenses to the company’s credit card, including meals and Uber rides, and misappropriated 5 million Delta SkyMiles for personal use.

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During the trial, De Niro appeared to struggle with the attorney’s questions, often requesting clarification. He was asked about Robinson’s delivery of supplies to his home, transported via Uber, and a late-night martini delivery from Nobu, a restaurant he co-owns. De Niro acknowledged the occasional approval of her use of Delta SkyMiles but emphasized the need for restraint, as even his children had to pay for plane fares.

The trial sheds light on a contentious dispute between De Niro and his former assistant, with both parties presenting their perspectives on the allegations and financial matters in question.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Was Robert De Niro’s company found?

Robert De Niro’s company has been held responsible in a gender discrimination case. A jury has mandated the payment of over $1.2 million to his former personal assistant after discovering that his production company practiced discrimination based on gender and also engaged in retaliatory actions.

In what movie does Robert De Niro play a priest?

In the film “Sleepers” (1996), Robert De Niro takes on the role of Father Bobby. He brings depth and intensity to the character, adding a layer of emotion to the storyline. As Father Bobby, De Niro’s performance is captivating and powerful, drawing viewers into the narrative. Through his portrayal, he showcases his exceptional acting skills and ability to bring complex characters to life on the big screen. De Niro’s presence in the film elevates the overall quality and makes “Sleepers” a must-see for fans of compelling storytelling and outstanding performances.

Who is Graham Chase Robinson?

Graham Chase Robinson is an individual who started as Robert De Niro’s executive assistant in February 2008 at the age of 25, as stated in her countersuit filed in October 2019. At the time she began working for De Niro, she had aspirations of venturing into the entertainment industry, according to her complaint.

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