Ryan Phillippe and Deacon’s Unbreakable Bond: A Journey Through Music, Fitness, and Family

Ryan Phillippe and Deacon: Ryan openly shares the strong bond he has with Deacon, united by their interests in fitness and music.

In 2021, Ryan shared with PEOPLE that father and son enjoy hiking in L.A. and hitting the gym together. Ryan humorously remarked, “We’ll do the same workout, and the way he looks after compared to the way I look is really defeating.”

Their shared passion extends beyond creating music; they also delve into studying and appreciating it. During a road trip to Yellowstone in 2018, Ryan and Deacon eagerly listened to the newly released Astroworld by Travis Scott.

“As we’re passing the most beautiful, enormous mountains on our way into Yellowstone, we had our first listen,” reminisced Ryan on Live with Kelly and Ryan in November 2020. “And that’s an unforgettable memory.”

Reese, the actress from Little Fires Everywhere, openly expresses her pride and love for Deacon, fondly calling him her “ray of sunshine” on his 20th birthday in October 2023.

“Deacon, you are such a ray of sunshine, love, and positivity in this world,” she wrote in a heartfelt post. “Keep shining that wonderful light on us all! I  you!”

As both Deacon and Ava enter adulthood, Reese revealed to Interview in June 2021 how her connection with them has deepened.

“The idea of having a long relationship with adult children makes me want to cry,” Reese shared. “I never expected the kind of relationship I have with them, but it’s so rewarding. They help me understand the complexities of what it means to be human now.”

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Deacon’s passions extend beyond music and acting; he has a keen eye for fashion. At an H&M x Rabanne party in November 2023, the “Long Run” singer shared insights into his style and wardrobe choices.

“I like to wear comfortable stuff that allows me to do my job, making music and performing,” he revealed. His inclination towards dressing well started early, choosing clothes that made him feel his best as a child.

“As a kid, I loved dressing up and getting ready for church,” he reflected. “You’ve got to look your best to feel your best.”

With Deacon navigating between L.A., N.Y.C., and Nashville, his style adapts to the vibe of each location. “Your life is an amalgamation of all the places you’ve lived,” he explained. “Same with my style, incorporating a bit of that country western vibe with a street vibe.”

Despite being a regular student at NYU, Deacon, as the child of two major celebrities, has cultivated friendships with notable figures. One such friend is Magnus Ferrell, Will Ferrell’s eldest son. The duo enjoyed a night out at the celebrity hotspot Craig’s in L.A. in October 2023, following their joint celebration of Magnus’ new single, “Drinks on Me,” at The Vermont Hollywood, where Deacon was the opening act

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What does Deacon Phillipe do?

The actress from Little Fires Everywhere has been vocal about her joy and affection for her son, referring to him as her “ray of sunshine” on his 20th birthday in October 2023. “Deacon, you bring so much brightness, love, and optimism into this world,” she expressed in the description of her post.

How old is Deacon Phillippe?

After seeing the content, someone suggested that Simpson should inquire with Deacon about the amount of rent paid by Reese Witherspoon. Deacon completed his education at Mountain High School in June 2022 and commenced his music studies at NYU in the previous autumn.

Is Deacon Phillippe going to college?

Deacon, son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, is living the high life as an NYU student. Influencer Caleb Simpson recently shared a video tour of Phillippe’s lavish West Village apartment, where the 20-year-old Deacon resides with his two roommates.

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