Shakira Latin Grammy Triumph: A Melodic Family Affair with Sons Sasha and Milan

Shakira Latin Grammy Triumph: Shakira showcased her remarkable talent and maternal devotion at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards, where the Colombian sensation, aged 46, graced the stage with her two sons, Sasha (7) and Milan (9). The trio delivered a heartwarming performance of Shakira’s enchanting ballad, “Acróstico.” Following the rendition, a touching exchange unfolded as the boys embraced their mother.

Later in the evening, Sasha and Milan, visible supporters from the audience, cheered Shakira as she received the prestigious Song of the Year award for “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53.” In her acceptance speech, delivered in Spanish, Shakira dedicated the honor to her sons, promising them a future filled with her genuine happiness.

“I have promised them that they will have a mother who will laugh as hard as she can, because they deserve it,” Shakira expressed, emphasizing her commitment to infusing joy into her music and every aspect of her creative endeavors. She shared a poignant sentiment: “As a friend once told me, there is nothing in the past. Only the future is remembered.”

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Sasha and Milan, offspring of Shakira and her ex-partner Gerard Piqué, also played significant roles in the music video for “Acróstico,” released earlier in the year. The video beautifully captured Shakira singing at the piano, surrounded by images of her two sons. As the song unfolded, Sasha showcased his musical prowess, singing and playing the piano beside his proud mother.

In an Instagram post translated from Spanish, Shakira expressed her pride in her sons’ musical endeavors: “Milan has written songs that have brought me to tears of emotion, and Sasha has spent hours at the piano, finding his voice. Both have been by my side in the studio.” She added, “Milan and Sasha, it’s so nice to see how you spread your wings and follow your dreams! There is nothing that makes me more fulfilled than being your mother.”

Despite her separation from Piqué in June 2022, Shakira remains committed to shielding her children from the situation. “I try to do it and to protect them because that’s my number one mission in life,” she revealed in a previous interview. Shakira is resolute in providing her sons with a semblance of normalcy, acknowledging their unavoidable exposure to the public eye while striving to lead a simple, grounded life.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What song did Shakira perform at Latin GRAMMYs?

Shakira graces the 2023 Latin GRAMMYs with her electrifying presence, wowing the audience with a performance of “Acróstico.” After a year of record-breaking achievements and widespread internet buzz, the star took the stage for a triumphant appearance.

Who is the 94 year old Latin Grammy winner?

Cuban-American singer Angela Álvarez, born on June 13, 1927, holds the title of being the oldest winner of the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist.

When did Shakira win her first Latin Grammy?

With 13 Latin GRAMMYs and three GRAMMYs under her belt, the Colombian pop sensation has the hardware to back up her talent. Back in 2000, she snagged a golden gramophone at the inaugural Latin GRAMMY Awards for her hit ’90s track “Ojos AsÍ” (“Eyes Like That”).

Which Latin artist has the most Latin GRAMMYs?

René Pérez Joglar, also known as “Residente,” holds the record for the most Latin Grammy Awards, having won an impressive 28 awards. He surpasses all other male artists in this regard. On the female side, Natalia Lafourcade has earned 17 awards, making her the most awarded female artist, followed closely by Shakira with 14 awards.

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