Sheryl Crow Guides Olivia Rodrigo Celebrated at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – A Night of Music and Mentorship

 Olivia Rodrigo Celebrated: Sheryl Crow imparts her wisdom to the rising stars of the music industry. During the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the renowned singer-songwriter, 61, shared the valuable advice she offered to Olivia Rodrigo. The duo kicked off the event with a duet of Crow’s 1996 hit, “If It Makes You Happy,” and later, Crow was inducted into the Hall of Fame by her close friend Laura Dern.

Crow emphasized the significance of preserving memories to Rodrigo, 20. “I said, ‘If you can just write down one sentence every day of what happened during that day, because you will someday look back [at] this and try to remember all the things,'” Crow disclosed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

She went on to stress the importance of focusing on one’s craft and avoiding distractions. “The other thing [I told her] is to just stay in the work and stay out of the chatter. That’s a major thing,” Crow added.

Collaborating with Rodrigo was an enjoyable experience for Crow, who recognized the challenges of a second album. “I mean, you know, I got to sort of lift her up a little bit because she’s got a new record [out]… I know how hard the second record is, the sophomore. You’re competing with the success of your first record, and she nailed it,” Crow praised.

Sheryl Crow Guides Olivia Rodrigo, Celebrated at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - A Night of Music and Mentorship (2)

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Crow described Rodrigo as “the real deal” and commended her songwriting skills. She also observed that Rodrigo appears to handle her rapid ascent in the music industry with grace, describing her as “kind of unaffected by [fame].”

Their collaboration extended to the Rock Hall ceremony, with Rodrigo expressing her deep respect for Crow’s career in a special video tribute. Rodrigo highlighted Crow’s unique songwriting abilities, singling out a favorite line from “If It Makes You Happy” where Crow sings, “Scrape the mold off the bread and serve you French toast again.”

The two artists had previously shared the stage in September at the iconic Nashville venue, The Bluebird Cafe. On that occasion, they delivered a more stripped-down rendition of “If It Makes You Happy” to an enthralled audience.

At the Hall of Fame event, Rodrigo expressed her admiration for Crow, who was celebrated alongside music legends like Missy Elliott, Chaka Khan, and Willie Nelson. Crow’s two sons, Wyatt, 16, and Levi, 13, made a rare appearance on the red carpet to celebrate their mother’s significant career achievement.

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Our Reader’s Queries

How old was Olivia Rodrigo when she wrote sour?

Both songs focus on an ex who acted questionably, but on Sour, Rodrigo believes that her songwriting has improved since her first album. “When I wrote my first album, I was 17. I think everyone is super insecure at 17 and doubting themselves constantly.”

What university does Olivia Rodrigo go to?

Olivia Rodrigo is currently studying part-time at the University of Southern California. In 2022, she started taking music production classes at the university’s Thornton School of Music.

What’s Olivia Rodrigo’s favorite color?

I adore the color purple. It embodies the enchanting and mystical.

Was Olivia Rodrigo nominated for a Grammy?

Currently, Rodrigo is up for six nominations at the 2024 Grammy Awards, with a potential win in the album of the year category for her 2023 album GUTS.

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