Chaos at Taylor Swift Buenos Aires Show: Fake Tickets and Arrests Mar Monumental Stadium Debut

Taylor Swift Buenos Aires Show: At the River Plate’s Mas Monumental Stadium, Taylor Swift’s inaugural show attracted over 70,000 attendees, but it wasn’t without its share of incidents.

Local authorities in Buenos Aires reported that confrontations between fans and wrongdoers led to the detention of up to 60 individuals, with five arrests related to the sale of fake tickets, scalping, and touting.

Collaborating with the Judicial Investigations Body of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and Traffic Agents of the Secretariat of Transport, the City Police executed a special operation to safeguard the public and curb irregularities.

Specifically, police sources identified 60 individuals engaging in illicit activities near the intersections of Monroe and Figueroa Alcorta and Campos Salles and Libertador. All were apprehended for various offenses, including several ‘trapitos’—individuals who charge for ‘protecting’ parked cars on public streets.

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According to reports, at least three young people attempting to enter the stadium without tickets or with counterfeit credentials were notable incidents.

During their rounds, officers seized six counterfeit wristbands and a fake media credential from the event. In one instance, a 28-year-old Peruvian ticket tout was found with five concert tickets, US$200, and 203,000 pesos during a search.

Additionally, officers identified a man who had overcharged a group of girls by 120,000 pesos to assist them in entering the concert through a staff member. Consequently, he was arrested and brought to court.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Why did Taylor Swift cancel a show in Argentina?

The “Fearless” performer canceled her concert due to severe weather conditions, including an expected storm with the potential for 2 inches of rain, lightning, and 40-mph winds. “I enjoy performing in the rain, but I will never put my fans, fellow performers, or crew in danger,” Swift stated on social media Friday.

How many people were at Taylor Swift Buenos Aires concert?

Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ shattered the one-day attendance record at Estadio Monumental in Buenos Aires, Argentina, drawing in a massive crowd of 68,000 fans.

Did Travis Kelce make it to Argentina?

Travis mentioned reaching Argentina on Friday and departing on Sunday. He enjoyed a delicious steak with Taylor and her father on Friday evening, as bad weather forced the postponement of their planned concert, much to Taylor’s displeasure.

Is Taylor Swift back from Argentina?

Only a few hours ago, Taylor returned to her NYC home from her time in Argentina for the Eras Tour. It’s a mystery how she managed to leave the country so swiftly!

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