The Crown Diana Show: A Tragic Dive into Last Weeks

The Crown Diana Show: Welcome to the sixth series of The Crown, now affectionately known as The Diana Show. In the past, a 10-episode run would span a decade of royal intrigues, blending political machinations, palace protocol intricacies, and a gaze into evolving times. However, the latest installment focuses solely on the last eight weeks of Diana’s life and the aftermath, grappling with her tragic demise.

Unless you’re deeply entrenched in a personal Diana shrine, these few months are dissected with a punishing level of detail. The Crown has walked a fine line between prestige drama and soapy entertainment, but it now seems to be plummeting into the abyss. Despite stellar performances from the cast, notably Elizabeth Debicki as the queen of our hearts, the series struggles to maintain its balance.

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Diana, in The Crown’s portrayal, is marked for tragedy at every turn, almost as if to remind viewers of the impending fate of the world’s most famous woman. The narrative paints her as a virtual saint, emphasizing her humanitarian efforts, her normalcy with her sons, and her romance with Dodi Fayed. The postmortem grief of the nation is presented as her rightful due.

Even after her death, Ghost Diana appears as a ministering angel to Prince Charles and the Queen, guiding them in understanding the people’s mood. The script descends into crass, by-the-numbers filmmaking, devoid of any artistic aspirations. Ghost Diana’s interactions with Charles and the Queen feel surreal and out of place, contributing to the overall sense of a lackluster production.

Late-period Crown suffers not just from formal failures but also from being set within living memory, making it challenging to engage with the narrative. Viewers are constantly bombarded with memories and questions, making the suspension of disbelief nearly impossible. The series, once a captivating portrayal of historical events, now dances among ruins, struggling to maintain its former glory.

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