This Is Me Now Release Date: Jennifer Lopez’s Epic Musical Comeback 2024

This Is Me Now Release Date: Jennifer Lopez the multifaceted artist, is set to make a grand musical comeback with her first solo album in a decade. In an exciting announcement shared through her newsletter, “On the JLo,” Lopez revealed that “THIS IS ME…NOW” will be hitting the music scene on February 16, 2024. The unveiling of the album will be accompanied by a cinematic experience titled “This Is Me … Now The Film,” which is scheduled to premiere on Prime Video simultaneously.

Lopez, a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, teased fans with a sneak peek on social media over the weekend, building anticipation for what promises to be a captivating musical journey. The excitement doesn’t end there, as the album’s first single, “Can’t Get Enough,” is slated for release on January 10, offering a taste of what’s to come.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of her iconic “This Is Me…Then” album, Lopez’s upcoming musical venture is poised to deliver a blend of confessional songs and reflections on the trials of her past, coupled with upbeat celebrations of love, all presented with her signature powerhouse vocals.

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“This Is Me…Now” promises to shine a spotlight on Lopez’s remarkable life journey, from a challenging childhood to navigating through unsuccessful relationships. The album, as described in the press release, delves into the emotional tapestry of her experiences.

Fans can expect a poignant track titled “Dear Ben pt. ll,” echoing back to the special song dedicated to her now-husband Ben Affleck from the original “This Is Me Then album.

Reflecting on her creative process, Lopez shared with Vogue last year, “I’m not one of these tortured artists… When I make my best music or my best art is when I’m happy and full and feel lots of love.”

Lopez’s marriage to Affleck, nearly 20 years after their initial split, adds an extra layer of significance to the upcoming album. Her last solo album, “A.K.A.,” was released in 2014, making “THIS IS ME…NOW” a highly anticipated return to the music scene for the acclaimed artist.

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How old is JLO?

Jennifer Lopez, the acclaimed American singer, has dropped eight studio albums, one remix album, three compilation albums, and one soundtrack. In addition to these, she has also released one extended play, 65 singles (including 14 as a featured artist), five charity singles, and 12 promotional singles.

How many CDS does Jennifer Lopez have?

Jennifer Lopez is a devoted mother to her two teenage children, Emme and Max. Both kids, at 15 years old, are maturing quickly.

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