Wish Review: A Disney Tale of Magic and Transformation

Wish Review: A dream is a wish your heart makes,” croons Cinderella, capturing the essence of Disney’s enchanting tales. In “Wish,” directed by Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn, and written by Jennifer Lee and Allison Moore, the magic of Disney comes alive, offering a love letter to the classics and unraveling the origin of the iconic wishing star.

The film opens like a cherished fairy tale, with the turning of a storybook page weaving the lore of a powerful sorcerer and the Kingdom of Rosas. Set in a medieval landscape with a looming castle, the kingdom’s inhabitants eagerly anticipate a monthly wish granted by their self-crowned king, Magnifico (Chris Pine). However, as the narrative unfolds, we discover that not all wishes are created equal, leading our protagonist, Asha (Ariana DeBose), on a transformative journey.

Asha, aspiring to be the King’s apprentice, discovers that Magnifico’s intentions are not as benevolent as they seem. The film beautifully explores themes of hope, sacrifice, and the true essence of granting wishes. DeBose delivers a powerful performance, embodying the classic yet modern Disney heroine, while Pine adds a delightful touch of villainy to Magnifico.

As Asha challenges the status quo, the film introduces a captivating character in Star, the personification of the wishing star. The dynamic between Asha and Star unfolds against the backdrop of a quest to restore the magic of wishes to the people of Rosas, enriching the narrative with emotion and wonder.

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“Wish” incorporates Disney’s signature elements—talking animals, a nuanced villain, the theme of loss, and a storybook ending. The animation seamlessly combines traditional watercolor and computer animation, a visual treat that mirrors Disney’s evolving animation style.

While the film excels in capturing the essence of Disney, the musical aspect presents a mixed bag. DeBose’s rendition of “This Wish” is exceptional, aligning perfectly with the film’s message. However, Pine’s solo, “This Is The Thanks I Get?!” falls short. The soundtrack, though not uniformly memorable, carries an energetic rhythm, drawing inspiration from classics like “Colors of the Wind” and weaving in notes from “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

“Wish” leaves an indelible mark by reminding audiences of the timeless magic that defines classic Disney. However, it grapples with the challenge of finding its unique identity. By paying homage to the studio’s past, the film somewhat falters in breaking free from the tried and true formula, highlighting Disney’s ongoing quest to rediscover the spark that once defined its enchantment. As the credits roll, a reflection on the bygone era of Disney magic prompts a nostalgic sigh for the days of “Once Upon a Dream.”

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Our Reader’s Queries

Why did Wish get bad reviews?

Wish is filled with nods to other Disney movies, which fans love but cause critics to lose focus on the story and characters. The movie dives into weighty issues like religion, earning applause for its message from audiences while drawing flak from those who view it as an affront to faith.

Is Disney’s Wish any good?

The movie follows a solid storyline and includes some direct nods to classic Disney works, but it doesn’t quite tug at the heartstrings the way Disney movies usually do. The animation is definitely the standout feature of the film.

What age is Wish appropriate for?

Similar to past Disney musicals, Wish includes funny moments, hidden references, and certain parts that may be too much for younger audiences, leading to its PG rating. With a reasonable length and exciting fantasy and adventure components, Wish is a child-approved film suitable for all ages.

Is Wish in 3D worth it?

If you’re planning to watch Wish, I highly recommend catching it in 3D, if you can. The unique animation really shines in 3D, and it’s a shame Disney couldn’t have made it a 3D exclusive (even though I know it’s not possible in many ways, a girl can still dream, right?).

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